Some Extraordinary Adventures in African Desert

If you are tired of the daily ordeal of travelling to your office and back and looking for an exciting escape, then there is no better way of beating the morning rush commute than driving along a dried river-bed in the Namibian confines of Damaraland.

As you look around for elephants and other exotic species of African fauna under the watchful eyes of lappet-faced vultures, your jeeps sauntering progress pauses once again– for a speedy inspection of a large pile of desiccated dung. You get down to assessing the age of the droppings and questioning the presence of beasts in your vicinity. After considering the likely direction, you press on the accelerator once again and continue the hunt—against the azure backdrop of the Namibian sky.

Some Extraordinary Adventures in African Desert

Welcome to an adventure tour of the African Deserts. This is made all the more exciting with the presence of rugged terrains, wildlife delights, glorious dunes and the dramatic color, light and sound that surrounds you in Namibia.

How to Start on your Adventure Tour in Namibia

As per locals, there is actually no bad time to experience the bounties of this wonderful country. Book a vehicle and embark on the most exciting trip of your lifetime –in this safest place in Africa’. Adventure mongers and those looking for the adrenalin rush present themselves a self-drive holiday of 1,400 miles per week or more in these deserts. Are you ready to go?

Visit Sossusvlei 

Namibia is a country that boasts of an area that is slightly larger than France and Britain combined, with every region worth a visit. As you notch up miles, you can look forward to marveling at the picture-perfect scenes of sand dunes effectively sculpted from the Namibian desert—the oldest in the world. You can begin your tour from Windhoek, the capital city and head southwards. After a five hour long dusty drive, along gravel roads (which are just too good by African standards), you sweep into a luxurious desert lodge in Sossusvlei. This venue is best known for its mini watering hole that attracts oryx, ostrich, zebras, springboks and desert dogs—making the place reminiscent of popular John Ford westerns.

Red Dunes of Namibia 

As you drive onwards, you are likely to come across massive red sand dunes, which are a trademark of Namibia and wow by their heights. While Big Daddy is almost 300 meters high, the others provide easier avenues for climbing. Remember to take along your walking pole, boots and all other gear required for long walks through the sandy terrains of this desert.

Abundant Wildlife 

Wildlife abounds for keen spotters like you in Namibia. From elephants, giraffes and leopards to warthogs and swooping rock martins —the region has it all. You can stroll the bush to come upon Dead Vlei—a dried-out salt lake that speaks of stillness and silence. Here you can take a little break before heading towards your accommodation for the night.

Namibia Sand Dune Safari Drive 

You need a trusty (and essential) 4×4 to explore the rugged Namibian deserts. With monolithic sand dunes dominating the landscape and corrugated stretches of water bodies providing challenges to newcomers, you can expect long, long spells behind your wheel. You cross vast distances in between tiny towns to get to the remotest corners of this desert country. And yes, there is very less in between. While driving through this sparsely populated country, you come across remnants of colonial era in its German-inspired architecture. You can head for Swakopmund, which is a unique holiday destination for those drawn to the cool coastal climate.

Along with plenty of adventurous drives through the Sahara, you can look forward to savoring some “advanced sports” –ranging from sky diving to sand boarding in some of the least expected regions of Namibia. If you are looking for a relaxing day in scenic precincts, then head towards the Skeleton Coast National Park or Damaraland– a lovely arid region with flat-topped mountains. You can also head north to visit leopards and rhinos along with several other species at Etosha National Park.

If you are looking for one of the most adventurous vacations that you have ever had, then book yourself a romantic desert escapade. Whether you are driving with your partner or alone, the atmosphere of this continent will surely creep beneath your skin—and in many more ways than one!

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