Indian Railways – Larger Than Imaginable

Every country has a railways system that forms a large part of its transportation and contributes substantially in revenues, services and more. Similarly, Indian Railways too marked their inception in the year 1853 when the first train was test run between Mumbai and Thane. Ever since then, the growth and progress of the organization has been phenomenally exceptional. It is not only a railway service provider, but also one of the most extensive in operation. Having over 1, 00,000 kilometres of tracks already run on, Indian Railways is always looking to expand.

Functioning in a country like India that has a population of over a billion, Trains are the most preferred mode of transport. Every other person is booking tickets. Although there are thousands of trains, the tickets are always under waiting list. Getting a booking done is not a cakewalk in the Indian Railways. Since it is a public sector undertaken enterprise, it was founded by the government of Indian and is run totally under it. It has not been allowed under any private supervision.

Indian Railways – Larger Than Imaginable

It has plenty of jobs for people from all over the country and is the highest employer of India. Time and again there is various recruitment drives conduct in various parts of the countries which have been categorized as zones under the Railway system. It is evident that the Railway reservation management is up and running to propose ideas from various analytical companies of the world to help them overcome the challenges that are commonly faced and better the condition of the railways.

Nobody can deny the fact that the government along with the railway ministries are rigorously working towards improving the railway services and make it as pleasant and economical for the people as possible. But the system is huge and it takes time to implement anything at such a vast level. The catering is already under IRCTC organization that works continuously to provide high quality catering, food and services to the passengers of all trains. Similarly, there are specific ventures of the railways that plan to give away cleanliness department to be taken care of by them.

This would reduce the burden on the railways directly and they can focus on other serious issues like coping up with excessive bookings, waiting lists, manage over bookings, and more. Everything has to be taken care of and till now railways have done a remarkable job by handling things so well. The schemes like Online Booking, Mobile Booking, Tatkal Schemes, and more have benefitted the people to a large extent and more of such schemes are expected to come up very soon.

The whole idea is to function successfully in such a huge country. A lot of matters may be of no relevance for the common people but the management has to take care of them as well. Increasing safety levels of the trains is one such issue that is again being worked upon. The growth and development of the railways is guaranteed in the coming future. If you want to more details please click here

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