Bored Of Economy Class? …Choosing Business Class Travel

Most inexperienced travelers often ask what makes business class different from economy class. Isn’t business class more expensive? For a two hour journey, is it even worth it? What if I wanted to splash out a little?

Irrespective of the airline, the fundamental differences between economy (what you would usually travel in) and business class are the same. For example, in business class you will have a wider seat with far more leg room besides having a greater recline angle and electronic seat controls. Of course these will differ between different airlines and types of aircraft, but many people find business class far more appealing even on shorter haul flights.

The description of seats in business class can be misleading. A lie flat seat cannot be confused for a flat bed because the former can become flat but at an angle. There are some airlines that offer lie flat seats and others offer seats that become a lie flat bed (Take American Airlines, for example). For clarification you can check the websites of different airline carriers as they will provide a description of the seats available for you to choose from.  E-bookers helps to explain more about this here.

Got longer legs? Another factor you might want to consider is that business class offers far more space, whereas economy class tends to be cramped. Business class may be more comfortable for you! In business class, every seat has direct access to the aisle (no bothering people every time you want the toilet!). In economy class, moving out can be a problem. The downside to seating arrangements in business classis that couples who travel together are going to find it inconvenient because of the single seating arrangement and lack of adjacent seats. You can check the seating arrangements on a seating map of the airline website and also book seating arrangements in advance.

Besides the more comfortable seats there are a variety of additional amenities and services that makes business class superior to economy class. To begin with, the staff to passenger ratio is better which gets a traveler better personal service. The food menu offers a greater variety with food being served with silverware and glassware. Your choice of cocktails will be greater along with accompanying snacks. Also better TV viewing on a larger personal TV with more options, amenity kits, ports to plug-in laptops, toiletries etc.

Bored Of Economy Class? …Choosing Business Class Travel

Of course use of electronics such as smart-phones on board is restricted as they have to be placed in airline mode with the cellular service disabled. Since business travelers are constantly on the move, they need to ensure that they get the right phone contract and preferably get a SIM card that can be used out of the country. After all, even though you may not use it on the plane you will need it afterwards to remain connected with friends and family.

A few other perks are priority in boarding and luggage that is processed faster, so you can leave quicker. Then there are the business class lounges that help to spend time in comfort at the airport with free Internet, snacks and drinks.

Although a business class ticket might cost double of an economy class ticket, many people think it is well worth it. Maybe for your next flight you will consider this option so that you can have a more comfortable journey!

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