Using VPN On iPhone

VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, helps you to connect to the private network through public networks like Internet. VPN is generally used by organizations allowing their employees to connect to the office network from anywhere in the world.

These days though, the use of VPN has become more varied. People do not just use VPN in organizations but to browse securely, use it to access blocked sites and have freedom.

Now, you can use VPN on your iPhone too!

If you thought VPN was only for PCs, think again. Today, you can use it on your cell phones too. With new technologies coming in, it is getting easy to access everything in our cell phones. Thus, to be able to connect to VPN connection in devices like iPhone is getting important.

If you are among those who also operate official documents through iPhone, then it is necessary for you to understand how you can connect your iPhone through VPN connection. To amaze you, it is possible. iPhone has a facility which allows you to access your private network easily. These are explained in the following steps:

Using VPN On iPhone

How to Connect VPN on your iPhone?

Have a new iPhone 5S and thinking how to connect your iPhone to a VPN? iOS devices support VPN connections. All you have to do is configure your device so that you can access your private network easily.

You have to go to your Settings>General>VPN and then select Add VPN Configuration. You may have to ask your network administrator to guide you which settings to use. In most of the cases, if you have set your VPN on your system, then you may have to use to the same VPN settings for your device.

Once you have created a VPN configuration, there will be option to turn VPN on or off will appear in the main Settings screen. When you are connect via VPN, a VPN icon will appear in the status bar.

If you are using multiple VPN configuration, you can easily switch between them by using Settings>General>VPN.

You may sometimes feel difficult to connect to your VPN connection, or may even see an alert saying ‘Shared Secret is missing.’ In such cases, your VPN settings may be either incorrect or incomplete. If you are not about the Shared Secret key or have any questions regarding your VPN settings, you should contact your network administrator or IT Department.

This easy ways of enabling VPN connection in your iPhone will allow you to access your network easily and smoothly. At given point, if you feel that the VPN is not connecting or you are not able to understand the configuration, don’t hesitate to consult your expert of IT Department. Sometimes, companies change the configurations to protect the privacy. But, it is always suggested that you get all the information before you are enabling VPN on your iPhone.

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