The 2 Best Ways To Warm Your Home In The Winter

Winter is in just about over in the Northern Hemisphere and spring is all around us. I do want to shed some light on two of the best ways to warm your home for the winter. The winter will be here again and I want you to think ahead.

Although I live in the warmest city during the winter in Canada, it still gets cold here.

Cold enough that we need have some sort of heat in our homes.

Most homes have baseboards but they’re terribly inefficient. This is generally because the contractor is cheap and wants to cut corners. So they buy baseboards.

Another option is in floor heating mats and cable. This can be a great idea in the rooms you frequent. Plus you can have them set up to a thermostat. If you have a large house this probably isn’t the best idea.

Some homes also have furnaces which work with ducts that are underneath the flooring. With the price of oil though, this can add up. They are also very noisy and also require lots of maintenance.

The above methods of heating your home are not bad options but I want to shed light on two other ways.

1 – Heat Pumps

A heat pump is unit that reverses thermal energy. In doing so it takes energy and transfers it to what they call a heat sink. In the case of heating your home, the heat pump acts like an air conditioner by releasing heat stored in the heat sink into your home.

The 2 Best Ways To Warm Your Home In The Winter

They work the opposite way in the warm summer months. Its takes the warm air in your home and sucks that energy outside to cool your home.

Heat pumps range in price, which allows many different families buy and install one for there home. Top brands include York, American Standard, Lennox, Mitsubishi and Trane. They offer lots of different models that range in efficiency and have great warranties.

If you’re looking for heat pumps in Victoria BC please contact Red Blue Heating and Refrigeration to help you install your heat pump

2 – Blow in Cellulose

Blow in cellulose is a form of insulation for your walls. But it’s made of a plant fiber. It’s installed by spraying the cellulose into your walls. For homes already built a small hole is made to spray you walls in the cellulose. This cuts down on the costs or labor.

What the cellulose will do is prevent any air from outside to creep its way into your home. So like a heat pump it will cool your home in the summer and warm it in the winter.

The 2 Best Ways To Warm Your Home In The Winter

Polar Home Improvement is my suggestion if you’re looking for an Insulation Contractor in Victoria BC.

Based on what has worked for me, I prefer heat pumps. I had Red Blue Heating and Refrigeration install mine.

I really hope you consider these two methods of heating your home during these cold winter months. They will save you money in the long run and are both extremely viable options for energy savings if you care about the environment and your utility bills.

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