World’s Most Scenic Restaurants

Technological advancement has led to high growth in restaurant sector, below is a detailed list of world’s most scenic restaurants that one should have a dream of visiting.

 Ambrosia, Santorini, Greece.

· This restaurant is located on the tranquil Grecian island of Santonia it is surrounded by dreamlike panoramas of the Santorini Volcanic sea caldera; it specializes on Modern Greek cuisine and Mediterranean.

· Ambrosia also offers meat dishes and a plenty of seafood as well as vegetarian item, here intimacy is the key with original ceiling and 2 little seaside terraces that are surrounded by ancient Greek antiques this is the source of hotel Aegean feeling.

Sierra Mar World’s Best Restaurant

· Here one has an opportunity of enjoying Sierra Mar’s sweeping ocean views that are perched above the pacific as one savor French, Asian and Mediterranean influenced fare.

· Here menu changes daily each food is infused with local seasonal and organic spices and herbs which maintain a fresh taste always, regardless of one sitting position angled glass walls and table raised on a varying levels allow a breath taking views.

World's Most Scenic Restaurants

Piz-Gloria-World-Best – Restaurant

· This is the most dramatic located restaurant in Europe, it has a shape of a flying saucer shaped and anchored to alpine rock, and it is self-proclaimed as one of its kind ever revolving restaurant, to get to the restaurant one has to take a cable car up the side of Schilthorn Mountain which is the highest in Switzerland, on reaching the top the expansive snowcapped mountains around them are absolutely jaw dropping.

· Cuisine is made of hearty dishes suitable to the climate such as Italian veal sausage, chicken cordon bleu, codfish served with hot vegetable and rice.

Skyline Restaurant, Queenstown, New Zealand

· This is New Zealand most spectacular scenery, skyline restaurant is located in Queenstown, here the views and food are unforgettable, nightlife is good with live music, and one enjoys seeing remarkable mountain range towering above cerulean waters of Lake Wakatipu.


· Here is like dining in heaven, it is located at the kicking Horse Mountain Resort, on a 15 minute gondola ride one is lifted 7700 feet above sea level, meal here is perfectly prepared by professional chef who are drawn from world leading universities and colleges, transport is well coordinated via high class cars such as limousine, it is thus a great place for one to visit on vacation.


· This is pride of Africa, located at Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, guests normally have a pleasant time resting here feasting on pan-African duck while enjoying the native wildlife that dots the nature, it is renowned as a place of absolute wonder and coined as eighth wonder of world, in the valley below the lodge guest have the opportunity of having a more intimate dining experience where native animals graze, here one enjoys African tradition food that is well prepared by African top chefs, transport to and from the Lounge is well organized . One with Turkish visas is authorized to travel and enjoy world class restaurant in any part of the world.

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