Changing The Look Of My Home For The Better

A good friend of mine was having a morning cup of tea over at my place recently when she gave me the reality check I needed regarding my home. “You have the loveliest furniture and fittings” she said, “but the overall look is really let down by the paintwork.” I had to admit she was right! It was time to give it an overhaul. But the idea of doing it myself horrified me. I had neither the necessary skill, time nor the inclination to figure out what I would need to do to make the whole place look as perfect as I wanted it to be. The solution? Get a professional to do the job!

Who is the Best to do a Paint Job in Victoria?

I asked around my personal contacts who would the best to get the job done as inexpensively and expertly as possible. I also wanted someone who was friendly and knowledgeable, being able to provide all the advice I needed.  When I walked around it and looked with an honest eye, I saw that the paint work in my house really was a mess. Every room was painted in different colors and the wet areas such as the bathroom, laundry and kitchen had never been painted in mould proof paint, so they were a mess. Taking a tour outside I also saw that the exterior needed painting also.

Changing The Look Of My Home For The Better

Without fail, everyone I spoke to about painters Victoria gave me the same recommendation, Moloney Painting. I took their advice and never looked back. For painting Victoria they certainly are the business to go to. They were terrific!

Painting the Interior of My Home

I was pleasantly surprised by their attention to detail. They have 22 years of experience, but still treated my job as if it was their most important job. No detail was too small to discuss and my family’s needs were treated with the utmost respect whilst the painting was being done. We all know that there is nothing worse than having your life disrupted by home renovations, but in this case it was avoided with ease. All my furniture, art and furnishings were left undamaged and the painting was done so quickly, carefully and efficiently, we hardly had any disruption to our normal daily routine. I was pleasantly surprised how neat and tidy my home was at the end of every day they worked that certainly doesn’t occur with most tradespeople! I had heard that out of all the painters Victoria that Moloney Painting were the most respectful to their clients and this was very true in my case. The great thing is that they also respect the environment and disposed of all leftover paint in an environmentally friendly manner, apart from a bit they left me to do any touch-ups I might need and with a young family I am sure to need them!

And what about Painting the Outside?

I decided that the outside of my home looked drab and unloved and needed an overhaul. I wanted people to admire my home. When it came to the outside paint job, Moloney Painting were wonderful also. They spent the time and effort to clean all the surfaces before painting, this apparently makes a big difference and they were always also sure to be safe whilst doing the job. I still catch my breath every time I pull into my driveway as the change the new paint job makes to the look of my home is remarkable. I knew I wanted a fresh, clean look, but I wasn’t sure exactly what colours would be best for the style of my home. That’s where the professional advice from Moloney Painting and the care taken to discuss the project with me before starting was invaluable. When I drive around my neighborhood, I smile as I know when it comes to painters Victoria, I got the best deal!

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