Massage Therapy In Victoria For Relieving Occupational Aches and Pains

Are you a Victoria BC-based office worker who spends eight or more hours per day hunched over a computer and a keyboard? Do you possess an achy back, tense shoulders or sore wrists and hands from typing? Do you often suffer from tension headaches caused by staring at a screen all day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are a good candidate for massage therapy to help ease your occupational stress and discomfort, loosen your tight muscles, promote relaxation and enhance your posture.

Victoria BC massage therapists are available at the Cook Street Village Health Centre to assess your condition and design a personalized massage therapy program for you. The staff members are all Registered Victoria BC Massage Therapists (RMTS) who are certified and licensed by the College of Massage Therapy of BC, so you can rest assured that you will only receive high caliber and professional care.

Massage Therapy In Victoria For Relieving Occupational Aches and Pains

Massage therapy can be performed on the back, shoulders, neck, forearms, wrists and hands, areas that typically trouble office workers due to repetitive motions like typing. The scalp and the muscles in the face can be massaged to reduce headache symptoms. In addition to loosening tight, stiff muscles and fascia, massage therapy can promote feelings of relaxation and well being, which in turn lowers stress levels. Massage therapy can also help restore your posture if you find yourself slumping and curling over your desk too much.

When considering massage therapy, Victoria residents often assume that massage is only for athletes or individuals who are undergoing physiotherapy–not true. Massage therapy benefits everyone, especially office workers who repeat the same motions throughout the day, because repetitive motions can lead to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis. Regular massage therapy can help prevent these conditions altogether or ameliorate the pain and discomfort these conditions cause so that office workers remain productive. Even if you have not experienced a particular occupational injury at work, you likely still have various aches, pains and sore spots caused by work that a massage therapist can treat effectively.

Your massage therapist can also provide you with suggestions on ways to administer self-care after your massage appointment. For example, he or she might prescribe a regimen of simple stretches to do during your work breaks, or explain some simple exercises you can perform each morning to make your hands and forearms limber before you settle into your daily work routine.

Some individuals only need one massage therapy session every few months to see an improvement; others might require treatment two times per month or more to resolve chronic conditions. Your massage therapist will inquire about your general health and ask you a series of questions to pinpoint the areas of the body that trouble you most, then craft a personalized massage therapy schedule for you to address these sore spots. Before you know it, the days of having an achy back and a tight, painful neck because of work will be behind you forever.