Buying Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are no longer trendy; they are mainstays of many kitchen and bathroom designs.  Home buyers seem to glow with pleasure at the mention of granite counters and gaze almost disparagingly on the home without granite.

Value in Stone

If you are updating your countertops Victoria BC, consider some of the potential values of granite countertops:

  • Tough:  granite is a tough, durable, natural material.   It is relatively scratch, stain, and heat resistant.
  • Availability:  granite is readily available.  It is supplied from over 67 quarries worldwide.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance:  although not absolutely maintenance-free, properly cared for granite countertops are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Wide range of choices: granite patterns range from the simple to the wondrously exotic.  Colors range from light to deep, rich dark shades.
  • Increased home value:  the return on your granite countertop investment may increase your home’s market value by approximately the amount you spend on them.
  • Beauty factor:  granite countertops are beautiful.

Buying Granite Countertops

Ready to Shop

When shopping for granite countertops and skilled installation, the professionals who sell and install granite countertops Victoria BC would like you to keep several things in mind:

  • Equality:  not every slab of granite is equal to another.  Granite is a natural material, subject to inclusions (geological flaws), variations of pattern and thickness, and flaws.

Not all granite vendors, fabricators, and installation teams are equal.  One Vancouver vendor recommends shopping and buying through local providers who will warranty their workmanship.  Ask if the supplier follows the Marble Institute of America (MIA) standards for fabrication and installation of stone countertops.

About cheap:  remember that cheap labor and materials can be a false economy that you will quickly regret.

  • Countertop success:  success can be measured by how welcome you feel when working with your local granite countertops Victoria BC vendors.  You should be educated about the pros and cons of granite materials, thickness options, finishes, fabrication processes, and installation.

Your installed countertops should look clean and finished (including any seams), and completed within MIA standards.  They should be chip free, with no hazy polish or sub-par materials.

Your granite countertops Victoria BC professionals should instruct you in the maintenance and care of the countertops and before leaving, ensure that the job site is cleaned and in order as they found it.

Don’t run yourself ragged tracking down every stone provider and cabinet/countertop installation crew in the area.   Check the online reviews of local professionals and select three or four local providers for your consideration.

Take your list of questions and samples of the paint and fabric patterns and colors in the area to each showroom.  The samples can help you and your granite specialist select complementary patterns and colors of granite.

Be sure you receive answers to all your questions and understand the terms, services and warranties of your vendors.  This is an investment in your home that is not only functional but will also give you added pleasure and service for many years to come.

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