Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iOS 9: Future Of Apple devices

After the major release of Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus, now users and fans of Apple products, looking forward for Apple iPhone 7 and its new operating system, Apple iOS 9. It is considered that both these Apple Inc.’s products will be out on September, 2015 most probably.

There are some rumoured specifications and features of Apple iPhone 7:

  • Display (Bigger the better than Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus)
  • Processor (A8 most probably; maybe better than anything else)
  • Memory (Memory card slot or 256 GB in-built)
  • Projector (There might be in-built projector like Samsung)
  • 4G Connectivity (This will be the most fast connectivity service)
  • Battery (Better backup)
  • Camera (14 MP rear and 8 MP front)
  • Applications (App Store would be flooded with innovative applications)

The above features and specifications are just expectations but we never know. Apple Inc. always providing its customers with best and will be providing with best products in future itself. The point is the new Apple iPhone will be much better and larger than its predecessor. Now, just sit and wait for the most innovative product of Apple Inc. after Apple iPhone 4s.

Well, now, let’s see at the Apple iOS 9. There are hearsays and expectations which are much higher than the Apple Inc. itself. It’s funny that people start expecting new versions before the proper release of the previous version but no one could help because it’s our human nature. Human nature wants more and more from everything it could have. The new iOS will be much better than the previous iOS but the question is how much better, is not it? Substantially, there are some hopes from the users and lovers from around the world:

  • Proper parental controls (Children are quite noisy these days)
  • Multiuser support/user accounts (User wants to explore more of Apple)
  • FaceTime video messages (The best way to connect over wifi)
  • Group FaceTime calls (The much better way to connect multiple people)
  • Split-screen multitasking (A must need)
  • Ability to change default apps (Some apps are really irritating like Stocks)
  • To delete or at least hide the defaults applications (Some apps should be deleted with users choice)
  • Battery-saving mode (iPhones drinks battery like a V6 engine)
  • Ability to add apps and settings to Control Centre (Easy to use need)
  • Better Home screen widgets (Android have much better than why not iOS)
  • Smaller file when upgrading iOS (Not everyone has time to download a large file)
  • Calculator on iPad (A simple and common application in need)
  • iMessage upgrade (Settings should be changed to avoid distraction)
  • Wider social-media integration (We are social addicts)
  • Improved integration between Contacts and Facebook (Data could be needed anytime)
  • Better Photos app (There should be some cool edit options)
  • New feature of Subfolders (Nobody knows where are its flies, so need of this feature babdly)

Considerably, no one could wait for these two launches but next year is not so far. Just wait and see the best outcome of Apple. Keep reading for more updates.

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