How Exercises Can Benefits Our Mind and Brain?

January 1, 2015 Health News No Comments

Exercise is known for its many benefits, such as improving our mood, increasing energy levels and reducing risks of cardiovascular diseases. It should also slow down the aging process, help us sleep better and improve our memory. Despite these benefits, unfortunately, it is easy for us to find excuses to skip today’s exercise. Exercise makes us feel better because our brain produces endorphin and muscle tension can be released. We often feel so good when our blood is pumping and our brain functions at their best. However, latest researches show that exercises can keep our brain sharper into old age. People who are active physically have lower risks of Alzheimer’s disease. It is concluded by experts that certain compounds that control our brain’s health can be boosted by exercise.

How Exercises Can Benefits Our Mind and Brain

Physically active lab mice are found to have higher level of brain-derived neurotropic factor, which is attributed to brain growth factor. It is believed to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. Not only exercise can stimulate the production of fresh brain cells, it can also strengthen the connection between them. To be specific, areas of our brain that are stimulated by exercise are associated with learning and memory. It is widely known that exercise can life our mood and improve our emotions. This is caused by the enhanced production of dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline and endorphin. This indicates that our brain can actively produce specific chemicals and active brain directly correlated with improved mind. It is also known that people who lack physical activity tend to feel less motivated in learning process. This could be caused by both mental and physical reasons. Students should try to perform exercise about one week before important exams and study after enough rest. They will find that it is easier for them to memorize things and they are more motivated to learn more.

When our body starts a stress response, multiple chemical reactions may occur to prepare for the fight or flight response. Our ancestors burned off their stress factors by handling them directly and physically. They defend themselves when animals attacked as a means of survival. They are also to physically run away from the threat that they see and hear. This response is still a part of us, but we can’t directly fight or escape a wild bear. But, we still need an outlet to burn off our pent up emotions. It is important when we want to solve our physical and emotional problems. Direct handling of stress factors can solve our anxiety frustration, anger, hostility, depression, irritability and worry. Our daily exercises should provide a great opportunity to help our body and mind return to the more balanced state.

Health experts have discovered that daily exercise is much better than regular intake of drugs to treat depression. Exercise also enhances the production of natural substances and compounds in our brain that can never be matched by even the most potent drug. In fact, many people feel somewhat “addicted” to exercise due to the absence of these chemicals.

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