Improve Payroll Precision – Use Time Clock Wizard

The more time you expend by manually processing payroll by calculating the number of hours, trying to figure out when the overtime rules apply, and decoding the mysterious notes that are left on the punch clock cards, it is very likely that you are going to make a mistake in the end. Processing payroll manually is prone to error.Such errors are going to cost you both money and time. Opting to use Time Clock Wizard in this regard will help you perform all of the otherwise complex calculations by applying all the relevant payroll rules.

ViewTotal Hours Worked Instantly, with the Click of a Button

Payroll Processing can be one of the biggest drains of crucial resources, as it is all about manually adding up all the employee clock ins and clock outs. Even if you have a punch clock machine, it may not know when the daily or weekly overtime rules should be applied. The punches that are missed or simply adding up hours for the time worked off site require a great amount of both time as well as effort. With Time Clock Wizard, you will be able to make the payroll processing completely accurate and easy by instantly summing up the overtime and regular hours worked as per the rules, using the built in time clock calculator. This helps to eliminate guess work while reducing stress and additional work caused by mistakes otherwise made when attempting the calculations manually.

Eliminate The Risk Of Having Duplicate Entries

Once you have been able to determine all the overtime and regular working hours for each and every employee, simply select the reporting feature which will enable you to review all hours worked for each employee. With the application, you will be able to easily export the employees working hours automatically into the payroll system. This is surely going to eliminate the risk of data entry errors and will also save great time.

Time Clock Wizard can help your business, regardless of its size,to effectively reduce payroll costs while providing you business with a cost-effective and robust solution for managing payroll processing. For more details, check and signup now!

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