Why Every Business Should Invest In Office Water Coolers and Dispensers

Office water coolers and dispensers are really important. It keeps the employees fresh and hydrated and it’s almost everyone would like to have a glass of chilled water during a hectic day at the business. But the managers normally just buy the water cooler system they first come across, without giving it much thought. However, necessary checks should be done to ensure that the model being bought is appropriate for the office or not.

Here are the 5 things to consider before buying a water cooler for the office, by keeping these in mind you will have a stress-free and smooth shopping experience.

Placement and Installation:

First off you have to figure out where to place the filter. If the system has to be connected to the water mains directly then a plumber has to be hired for the installation. However if the system uses refillable bottles a storage place is needed. A bottle normally contains five gallons of water, so they have to change regularly; it all depends on the employee number. Racks in firms can make the storage easier. The dispenser should also be placed in a location that’s accessible and has a bit of a space.

Water Source:

Check how the water will be supplied to the new dispenser. Some dispensers can connect to the main pipes in the office and will normally have an in-built water filtration system. But for some makes, bottled refills have to used for which someone will have to deliver it or pick them up and it will cost extra later.


All dispensers don’t give the same temperature of liquid. Hence the level of coolness required should be considered. Some models can dispense both hot and cold water. This is a famous option among employees as it’s easier to make hot drinks with this.

Drainage and Cleaning:

Lastly, ensure that the cooler has a proper drainage mechanism so that the surrounding area is dry and there are no spills. There’s also need to clean the reservoir chamber regularly in order to make sure that water remains pure.

Operating Noise:

Although the modern water filtration systems are very silent, but certain models make noises when dispensing or cooling water. So if the system is to be place in an area of work then ensure that the noise level is considered. If it’s high it might disturb the staff and they’ll find it hard to concentrate which will affect productivity.