HTC One M8: The Beautiful design Smartphones

If you are looking for an impressive design smartphone then only one brand will come in the front if you are considering Android smartphone, this brand is none other than the HTC. The most recent member HTC One M8 is one of the most beautiful design smartphone in the market.

Its body is made of metal. On the side of HTC One M8 you can detect the SIM-card (Nano-SIM, left) and memory card (MicroSD, right). In addition to the memory card slot on the right side wall is double metal volume button. At the top there is a button on / lock. It moved from the left side to the right. The keys are made of glossy black plastic, exactly the same as the rest of the top end. IR transmitter built into the key. Headphone jack and USB-cable is located on the bottom.

Smartphone HTC One M8 is running the operating system Android 4.4 KitKat with an updated shell HTC Sense 6.0. Visually, the new shell is virtually identical to the HTC Sense 5.0.

The first thing you notice when meeting with HTC Sense 6.0 – the presence of virtual touch keys at the bottom of the screen. Icon design has not changed. In the Notification panel, in its second tab, add an icon to edit the location of the labels and their number. Total labels 12 may be displayed, and total number – 24. Retention in any of them moves to a corresponding menu. The icons in the menu with the settings, depending on whether the function is active or not, become grayish green. Among the new items – “Print” and “Import from another phone”.

Lock screen has not changed, but now with the lock icon can be moved not only up, but the left and right. Depending on this, you’ll be taken to the main window or the desktop to the tape BlinkFeed. In addition to the lock screen, you can go to Google Now. To enable widgets on the lock screen, you need to put a tick in the menu “Security”. Unlike other devices, you need to swipe to the left to start the camera.

Number of desktop windows increased by one to six. The leftmost box reserved for our RSS feed BlinkFeed. You can delete it, but add in its place a window with shortcuts. To call the dispatcher running applications now have a private key (in the HTC One M7 had doubled to press “Home”). To delete an application, it is necessary to brush it up to remove all – press X at the top of the screen. Previously this was not possible. From here you can go to the section running applications.

The list of applications is still allows you to change the number displayed on the same screen with the icons on the 4×5 3×4 matrix. From the home screen widgets removed with the weather, and the string with the settings and sorting on the contrary, did not deleted. Location labels can be changed at their discretion, in alphabetical order or recently added.

This was all about the working with the HTC One M8 and it is pretty interesting to discover this device, hope this interesting feature would be maintained in the upcoming HTC One M10 too.