Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Is It Worth To Buy?

Apple is known for producing the premium, high-end and expensive smartphones but no doubt all the iphones that Apple had launched to the date are most reliable and one of the most high-end solutions is the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus front is occupied mainly by the screen, which is curved at the ends to enter elegantly in the body of the phone. The frames left and right are not particularly close but given the large size of the screen cause not a single problem. When turned off, the screen is very dark, so confused very elegant way with the rest of the front. Above the screen is the speaker to the ear and the front camera and the usual light and proximity sensors. Below the screen only find the Start button, which keeps the same design as the iPhone 5S. The Start button also houses the fingerprint sensor Touch ID, and sapphire is coated to prevent wear and loss of reliability.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Is It Worth To Buy?

 Apple is betting on a single button to operate the phone, unlike Android or Windows Phone terminals typically have three buttons. Many manufacturers are even opting to eliminate physical buttons and opt for virtual buttons, which help to reduce the dimensions of the phone. For the iPhone, integrating the Touch ID sensor on the Start button, this would not be possible. The iPhone 6 Plus does not have a notification LED, other manufacturers that incorporate itself and, in my opinion, is quite useful to be not continually turning the screen to check for unread notifications. On the back of iPhone 6 Plus, we find, in the upper left corner, the camera, double flash LED / Xenon and a microphone placed between them.

The camera protrudes slightly from the surface of the phone, but fortunately is protected by sapphire, making it impossible to scratch (sapphire can only be scratched by another diamond or sapphire). A little lower, but still in the top half of the phone, find apple Apple logo in silver. At the bottom we read “iPhone” without any reference to the specific model. Below are several inscriptions in small print and some logos. At the top and bottom of the back are thick light gray lines, which break the uniformity of aluminum to facilitate the transmission and reception of electromagnetic signals. Personally we liked the design in two colors of iPhone 5s. The back is a magnet for dirt and needs to be cleaned frequently. However, when it is clean, the iPhone 6 Plus presents a design and finishes that are unequaled. At the top we did not find any buttons or connector.

At the bottom are the headphone jack, a microphone, the Lightning connector and speaker. The speaker position is not the best because by using the phone in landscape mode for watching movies or playing games is easy inadvertently cover it with your hand. Overall, the design of iPhone 6 Plus is no different then the original iPhone 6 and it proved to be good and it wins the tag of recommended. And its price is really expensive but on contract it could be perfect for you, so go with the contract smartphone. And in any case, if you have bad history of credit search on Google for the keywords contract phones bad credit and you would get your desired phone on contract easily.