Why To Choose Selenium As Your Next Testing Career ?

It started in 2004 when Jason Huggins working as an engineer in Thought Works designed an automated code that would run to test web application. This reduced manual work a lot and the idea of selenium was born. Selenium is automation tool used to test web applications. Selenium offers a wide range of testing opportunities. Developers can write the code in language they are comfortable with. This testing tool supports Ruby, Java, Python,c# and other languages.

The idea of automation attracted many users as it reduces huge manual work. Since selenium is made open source it is constantly growing attracting many developers. Selenium grew into 4 key components namely Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Selenium web driver. Each of these components has a specific and unique feature which helps developer to decide on the platform they need to work on. Right from the starting this automation tool had a great growth in the industry. The fact that it is open source attracted many developers to implement it in their projects.

In current scenario almost all the I.T companies implement selenium in their testing automation. A huge number of testers are being trained on this tool because of its ease to use and its effectiveness. This testing tool overtook many other testing methods and creating a new career path for all the developers. With rapid growth in I.T industry the need for testing web applications is very high. Recruiters are always looking for the resource who is familiar with this automation tool.

Earlier developers used to manually test their web applications. A huge amount of time used to spent on these manual testing’s. The repetitive testing used to be done on these web applications. With this automation tool the scope of testing is hugely increased and is definitely the biggest turning point for testing industry. Testing industry is rapidly growing and the need for testers is in huge demand. Testing is a must for the web applications as the end user does not want to compromise on any performance issues. Competition is huge in the market and end user should not be facing with bugs.

As a developer having these testing skills would be an added advantage. Selenium testing is on huge demand and is implemented across the globe. With this online selenium training you will be equipped with all necessary testing skills to implement it and to develop it.

The online selenium training offers its developers with clear basics and skills to write code using this automation tool. A wide variety of categories offer broad scope to choose based on the interest or the need to develop the code on. This training ensures to provide you with the required skills that are on high demand in the industry.

Being open sourced and its ease of use Selenium is the best testing tool out there. The scope of this tool is very huge attracting many multinational companies as cost plays a huge factor for them. Taking selenium will be correct choice for your testing career. Choose Selenium.

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