5 Best Fruits From Citrus Family

People daily eat different fruits related to different tastes and categories. Each fruit has its own unique feature set to keep the humans healthy. Many regions of different countries may not have to access, purchase the fruits that only available to certain regions. However, coming to the citrus family these fruits are differently available in different regions, still all they belong to citrus family. These help us to improve our health status with a good improvement other than any fruit families. There are many varieties of fruits available within a fruit family each kind has some unique features that helps us to improve our health.

5 Best Fruits From Citrus Family

Grape Fruit

It is subtropical fruit and taste little sweeter. They look similar to oranges, but vary in tastes and little colors. The fruits also vary in color depending on land it cultivated, usually red, white and pink. This is very healthful for the consumers; it is a rich source of vitamin C, which is a great source to improve our immune system, it is also supplies anti-oxidants in our body, which fights against cancer particles. The parts extracted from these fruits used in making the cancer medicines.


Lemon is a very popular citrus family fruit which widely available in any part of the world. This is very biggest source for the poor people where they can gain the vitamin C and Antioxidants. These are very cheap cost everywhere, so any can buy to use them. These fruits are also used in different usages like in cooking, soups, cakes, massages, facials and other things.


This is another sweeter fruit from the citrus family, which look similar to Grape Fruit in view. In this fruit there is no waste thing that can occur, every part of the fruit is useful to us in different ways. Usage of these fruits is tremendously increased because of its anti-oxidants properties and other health beneficial features like containing iron and Vitamin C and helps to improve the digestive system and digestion process.


It looks different from other fruits of this family in view with unique shaping features in greenish color. This called by different names in different parts of the world. The color of the inner parts of this fruit varies and depends on where it was cultivated. It is also a fruit that contains the rich amount of anti-oxidants and vitamin C particles.

Mandarin Orange

This is also known as the Mandarin, it comes from a small citrus family which resembles the orange tree. This more widely used in salads and can be eaten plainly, peeled fruit parts also used make the juice from this fruit. These fruits are widely used in China to mixed up the medicines, which are helpful to us in reducing the phlegm.

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