Cellulite – What Is It and How Can You Beat It

Cellulite has become one of the major skin related issues that people suffer from these days. This is the term used to define the patchy or lumpy appearance on the skin layers of abdomen, buttocks, hips, etc. Even though this skin condition was mainly known to affect aged people, it has become a major issue among teens these days.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin condition where the fat cells not only start forming pillow like lumps, but will also accumulate here and there in between the epidermal layers. This results in forming pimple-like or lumpy appearance on certain body parts. This condition affects both men and women and yet the skin layers of women are lumpier as compared to men. This is because the skin layer in men is comparatively thicker than in women and hence, it is possible for the epidermal layers to hide these fat cells.


Cellulite condition can be because of abnormalities in the connective tissues that are found under the skin layer of certain body parts. Fat cells are often found layered in between the skin layer and muscular layers.  When the connective chord of the fibrous tissue starts binding the skin layer with the muscular layer, the fat cells that are found lying in-between these layers starts forming pillow like structures due to excess tightening from the binding.

The tighter the binding gets, there is constant formation of lumpy or patchy skin layers in the superficial areas.


The symptoms start when pimple-like structures appear on the skin layer. People often mistake it for actual pimples and start pinching them. Cellulite, in mild condition appears in the form of bumps here and there on the skin layer. However, if the condition worsens, then dimpling or pimple-like appearance becomes more and more (especially on the places where people pinch them) resulting in the formation of valleys or peaks.

How to Get Rid of the Problem

There are many steps that might come in handy in getting rid of this issue.

Weight Loss

People with the accumulation of excess fat cells under the skin layers are more prone to cellulite condition. If you are overweight and you are also suffering from cellulite problem, then you can always try reducing your body weight by getting rid of excess fat accumulation. You can do so by following the routine of exercises, jogging, cycling, etc.

Beauty Products

Since cellulite conditions come under the list of dermatological and cosmetic issues, many pharmaceutical companies have come up with special mixtures that can work its charm on the condition. The basic ingredients that are used in the creams include retinol and caffeine.

When caffeine reaches the lump of fat cells, they start shrinking them. The effect of the cream on these lumps will be decided based on the thickness of the lump. Retinol present in the cream, works with the main aim of boosting the collagen fibres present in the skin layer. The thickening of these fibres can in turn cover these lumps inside the skin layer from appearing on the surface.

You can find extended help in the form of medical procedures. If you are looking for anti-cellulite treatments, then you can find the names of different clinics from online search tools.