Some Simple yet Amazing Ways to Find Out the Availability of Domain Name Instantly

O name is a unique identity. Similarly, the domain names play a major role in identifying your business online. Domain names are the ones that contribute mainly on how the visitors to your site actually see your business.

So, don’t you want your website to grab maximum visitors along with getting higher search engine ranks? Well then, you must find out a relevant domain name that allows the visitors to relate with the site immediately. Finding a domain name can be sometimes a demanding task since the one you choose may already be registered.

However, there are certain useful tools that can assist you greatly in finding the availability of the domain name instantly.

Use Internet and have a quick domain name search

If you want to ensure that you really own the name that you want, a quick search before having it registered can help you verify whether it is already being used or not. There are online domain checkers, which can help you find out the availability such as Who is API Webservices.

Always avoid the domain names that are really difficult to even spell or lengthy. In addition, try to avoid shortened version of words since they can also prove to be hard to remember. What if you find the name already registered, but still you want to stick to that name only? Well, check out the following points.

Can you buy domain names?

What if you own an existing brand, which is doing best and is widely popular? It really doesn’t sound good to ditch it just because its name is already taken. What about the ample efforts, time and money that you spent establishing the brand? So, what next?

Well, here the best thing you can do is to buy the domain name from the existing domain owner. What else can you desire for? All you need to do is to look out for the “who is” information related to the domain that you want to get contact details and other essential stuff of the owner.

After that, you can easily contact them and figure out whether they are ready to sell their domain name. The owners generally sell it for a premium. In this case, you will have to pay more in order to get the desired domain name than what you actually have to pay in case of a new domain.

Try something different

Now, if the owner of the domain name does not want to sell it to you, then what are your other options? Well, don’t worry, life does not end here. You can try variations to fulfill your desire.

For instance, try some domain name suggestions that can allow your visitors to relate with your business instantly. One way can be to add ‘site’ to the end of the domain name. This is the widely accepted technique, which many domain owners use. Another option can be to use the ‘online’ word either before or after the name that you want.

Such small, but important things can make just the right sense to your visitors. In addition, it will also help you search out the domain names that you want with some tricky yet useful variations.

In essence, whether you want to search out the availability for the domain name you want or get some unique suggestions, there are many online tools, which can provide you great services. So, get the help of them and be ready to find the best piece of words for your site!

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