Cleaning As A Workout

At times it feels like cleaning is a never ending chore without a finish line in sight. If you have playful children, two cats or perhaps the people you live with are simply too messy and careless, you can probably relate – cleaning is always knocking on the door.

Despite the fact that a flawless effective home cleaning can be really demanding in terms of time and effort, there are some benefits to it. One of the most obvious is that thanks to it you will have an environment that is fresh and cleaned of annoying allergens, such as dust and other spoils. One more benefit that you should definitely consider is home cleaning can be a great workout for your body and can truly burn calories. If so far you have viewed cleaning as something you have to do for the house, perhaps it is time to think of it as something you can do for yourself.

Cleaning As A Workout

Here is how you can turn spring cleaning into spring training:

Play fast music in the background – the fact that most gyms play music in the background should tell you there is something more to this than just keeping the visitors entertained. Music makes you want to move faster and overall keeps you more energetic. Choose dynamic tunes that fill you with energy and desire to take on any home cleaning chore that is against you.

Pick up the pace – cleaning as a workout will obviously not work if you just stroll around with a duster like it’s something you have 5 spare minutes for. You have to focus on dynamic movement and continuous effort in order to really make the activity count. Otherwise it will just not be effective enough.

Work against the clock – the simplest way to be dynamic and active is to set a timer and try to beat a cleaning chore within a given period. Try to challenge yourself by setting the time fairly low, for example 5 minutes for a single window cleaning session, or 10 minutes for carpet cleaning.

Implement weights in your cleaning – yes, you might have to lift some furniture pieces during your carpet cleaning. But that barely counts. If you want a real challenge, try cleaning with some ankle and wrist weights. That will make movement a lot more difficult and productive as far as working out is concerned. Just keep in mind that you should view cleaning as a true workout session then and you will have to make regular breaks.

Follow these guidelines and you can truly transform your cleaning. Not only will you be able to provide your home with fresh rooms, but also provide your body with sufficient exercise.

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