Save Money By Going Organic

“Hold on,” you’re going to say. “How can I save money by buying organic food, when organic food costs at least twice as much as normal grocery fare?” Well, there is an answer to that riddle, and it will be explained inside the four following ideas – how much money will you save on doctor’s bills because you’re healthier, how much less food will you waste because you know how much organic costs, how many fewer times are you going to go out to eat because you have better food at home, and how much money will you save by focusing on needs rather than wants?

Doctor’s Bills         

Want to know the quickest way to bankruptcy? Healthcare costs. Want to know one way to avoid things like heart disease, cancer, rotten teeth, high blood pressure, and a laundry list of other maladies disrupting the human race? Eat organic food. It will keep out pesticides, hormones, and other heebie jeebies that can affect your health in the short and long term, and it comes down to a simple decision of choosing food with the organic label. And to repeat – if you want to cut down on doctors’ visits and the cost of medication, eat and drink healthy. Period.

Wasting Food   

When you know that a carrot costs 50 cents, you’re not going to waste it. When you know a bundle of carrots cost 50 cents, you’ll probably have no problem just chucking it in the garbage. That’s the thing about high quality food – you know its value because you just paid out the nose for it. So over time, what’s going to happen is that you’ll end up spending the same amount of money on food that you actually use, cook, and eat, rather than buying yucky vegetables in bulk and then never doing anything with them. Look up statistics about food waste and you’ll be appalled.

Eating Out                  

When you buy organic food, you’ll feel much less of a desire to eat out at restaurants or at fast food joints. Because you have healthy, tasteful, and expensive food at home already, there’s no need to go out and spend more money on eating out than you would eating in, and actually probably enjoy yourself more with your own food because you know what’s in it, and cooking is also fun.

Focusing on Needs                

When you make the choice to go organic for financial reasons, it may seem insensible that spending more money on food will save you money, but that’s exactly what happens. Because of the shift in perspective that comes with focusing on needs rather than wants, you’ll start saving money immediately, and installing a financial app and watching the numbers will reiterate this to you.