Is Physical Therapy Necessary To Get You Back On Your Feet Again

As inconvenient as an injury can be it is part of life. In the majority of instances, those injuries will turn out to be disruptive. More often than not, a visit to the doctor will result in a prescription of some sort. Unfortunately, medication will only cover the immediate impact and some measure of the pain. Treatment for sporting injuries could require physical therapy. The amount of therapy needed will depend on a variety of factors, including the kind of injury and how well the patient responds to the treatment. Physical therapy is generally recommended by your physician as part of an ongoing treatment plan.

Is Physical Therapy Necessary To Get You Back On Your Feet Again

The Right Time

The best time to visit your physical therapist is as soon as the decision is made that you need to see one. It is important to remember that the sooner you get started the closer you will be to returning to full operating capacity. Sports injuries are common and tend to consist of much of the demand for physical therapy, but they are much more. Some recommendations for physical therapy are requested by the patient who might prefer to avoid any prescription pain medication.

The Benefits

There are times that physical therapy will be considered in an attempt to avoid surgical procedures. It should be noted that even though the success rate is exceptionally high with physical therapy, there are instances when the injury must be addressed through surgery. It is in the patient’s interest to find the best Functional Capacity Evaluation Prince George’s County has to offer. A good therapist may be the only thing standing between a patient returning to normal after the effects of a stroke.

The Process

Although the patient will have a reasonable amount of influence over the therapist, it is generally up to the attending physician. Avoiding surgery is not the only time a therapist will be contacted, in many cases the patient will rely on a physical therapist to help them get to an ambulatory state. Surgical procedures that are invasive such as bypass surgery or after an accident where limbs or internal organs have been tampered with will usually require therapy. Many hospitals have their own therapist team at the facility, others will combine their efforts with outside therapists.

The Outcome

It is important to remember that physical therapy is a combined effort. This simply means that the patient will have to be ready to follow directions. The person conducting the therapy will be trained in many aspects of the human anatomy and will have one goal in mind which is to put the patient on a path to recovery. Physical therapy can also be utilized for patients who lost a limb and require ambulatory skills to survive in their environment without it.

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