The Economist and Microsoft Cloud give advice to Business Executives

Do all of the members in your organization share the same aspirations? 64% of executives surveyed by TheEconomist ranked “achieving excellence” as their top aspiration in a recent global survey while readers of TheEconomist were more concerned with finding passion, meaning, and purpose in their careers. This shows that there may be some discrepancy between the goals of executives and their employees’. It’s important that executives and employees work to achieve the same professional aspirations to further grow the organization and know how to identify the challenges faced in achieving them. Empowering Business is a micro site by TheEconomist Group and is sponsored by Microsoft Cloud that offers solutions and insights on the most pressing challenges professionals face today, such as career advancement, entrepreneurship, time management, and negotiation. The Economist experts give advice on how to improve company culture, starting a new company, effective team building, and more. Definitely a must read for executives, check out the rest of content here.

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