Toxic Relationships: How To Deal With Them While In Recovery

Relationships — there are quite a few different kinds. Humans have relationships with others as well as relationships with themselves. Some relationships support and encourage people as they go through recovery. Other relationships are toxic. Toxic relationships are those that destroy. Instead of being uplifting, they cause people to experience harmful emotions such as self-doubt, hopelessness and self-loathing.

Toxic Relationships: How To Deal With Them While In Recovery

Sometimes the toxic person is you, even though that can be difficult to recognize. When you enter a women’s drug treatment program, you will learn to see all of the toxic relationships you have, even if that relationship is with you.

What others say

Humans have a tendency to believe what other people say about them as though it were true. When people tell a woman that she is bad, stupid, ugly or that she cannot achieve something, she might believe them, and when she does believe them, she skews her own truth. Someone told her that she is ugly, therefore, she believes she is ugly. But she is not ugly. She is not stupid.

Women’s drug treatment helps her overcome drug abuse as well as the lies that people have told her. That is part of how she will learn to deal with toxic people as well as with the toxic person that she has become.

When others yell

Humans are so complex. Some relationships never seem to go right. Something happens at work, and your partner comes home and blames you. Was it your fault that he did something wrong at work? People have to be accountable for their own errors. It is how they learn and grow.

The women’s drug treatment program will help you get off drugs, but to stay off drugs, you will need to weed out the negative relationships in your life. You cannot go back to someone who tells you that you are ugly, or stupid, or who yells at and hits you. You are better than that. It is better to be alone than it is to be with someone who is destructive toward you.

Recovery is about being clean and sober, and it is also about finding the positive side of life. That is why you have to learn to put yourself first and others second. This is not about them. This is about you. Haven’t you spent enough time in the shadows? Come out and enjoy the sunshine. You deserve that, and that is the truth.

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