Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle For The Health & Environment Conscious

The Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle is a compact electricity unicycle designed to help the rider maintain his/her balance with the help of gyroscopic sensors. It can be used for commuting in all types of environments – including urban and semi-urban.

Easy to Use Electric Unicycle

Using the Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle is easy. All you have to do is just stand on the foldable feet pads. The sensors will detect your feed movements – even the subtle ones. It can even calculate the movement shifts due to a bag or backpack and adapt based on the ever changing center of mass.

Movement Controls with the Unicycle

If you lean forward, it will help accelerate and if you lean backward, it will slow down and gradually come to a halt. You could also control sideways movements by just leaning to any side.

Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle For The Health & Environment Conscious

Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle Power

The Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle has an electric motor that could move a 200 pound rider without any difficulty. A single charge of 1 hour could take you to up to 18 km. It is powered by a rechargeable Li-Poly battery.

These Exercise Products on have a uniquely designed tire that provides good amount of grip while offering minimal amount of rolling resistance. This helps you enjoy a smooth ride. At the same time there is a handle at the top that offers high level of portability.

Health Benefits of the Gyroscopic Unicycle

The Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle also helps in burning calories when you ride it. The movements your body takes in leaning forward/backward and sideways (and in maintaining the balance), all help in burning calories.

Main Features of the Unicycle

The Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle keeps you perfectly balanced at all times thanks to its gyroscopic sensors. It uses a 132Wh rechargeable Li-Poly battery. When fully charged, it can offer a ride for up to 18 km. It has 4 LED indicators that provide information about the remaining charge in the battery. The batteries can be charged on 220V input. It has a special low-battery, over-speed and side-tipping protection system.

The electric unicycle supports up to 120kg of weight and can achieve a top speed of 18 km/h. You could also set the speed limit at 12 km/h using the front portion of the pedal. Make sure to keep the unicycle within the gradient angle range of 15-30 degrees.

The Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle is the perfect commuter for the health-conscious in both urban and suburban areas.

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