5 Reasons Why Single Skiing Holidays Are Awesome

Mention the idea of single skiing holidays to most and chances are they’ll think you’re referring to some random online dating endeavour geared toward sporting hook-ups. In reality, however, singles sporting trips and adventures are becoming spectacularly popular on a global basis and have (at least for most) nothing whatsoever to do with romance. Instead, it’s simply a way of getting a bunch of people together from all backgrounds and with all manner of different personalities to revel in the sports and activities they share the same passions for.

In fact, the name itself might be a little on the misleading side as there is technically nothing to say that you must be single in order to head out on one of these trips. Of course most couples and families prefer to travel together, but it’s not until you’ve experienced a singles trip like this that you can truly gain an understanding of why it’s such a big deal.

5 Reasons Why Single Skiing Holidays Are Awesome

So just to illustrate the point a little clearer, here’s a quick look at five reasons why singles skiing holidays are nothing short of awesome:

1 – You’re Freer Than Free

So right off the bat comes the freedom – and the kind of freedom you may have never experienced on holiday before. When you travel solo, it’s wholly up to you as to what you do and when. From waking up in the morning to eating to drinking to partying to doing what it is you came here to do, you call the shots and never once have to factor in the thoughts or ideas of someone else. It’s the kind of freedom that can be rather on the addictive side – chances are you’ll never be the same again!

2 – You’re Not Dependant on Other Travellers

Say for example you’re dying to head on a skiing trip, but none of your friends can either get the time off or put the cash together to make it. Really, why should you miss out just because of the poor fortune of those guys? Of course you shouldn’t, which is again why these kinds of trips make perfect sense. It’s all about you and you alone so you don’t have to rely on anyone else. You want to go and you can go, so just GO!

3 – You’re More Likely to Mingle

It’s a tried, tested and proven fact that the more comfortable we feel with our own friends and family members while travelling, the less likely we are to mingle. So if you’re the social type who revels in the idea of meeting new people, you’re never more likely to do this on an epic level than if you head out for a solo sports trip. Of course, there’s nothing to say you have to make a million new friends, but chances are that while you’re surrounded by a bunch of other people who share your interests and would love to get to know you, it’s inevitable that you’ll create more than a few bonds. As for romance…well, that’s totally up to you!

4 – You Get Genuine ‘Me’ Time

It’s one thing to book yourself a little ‘me’ time at home, but it’s not quite the same as having all the time in the world you yourself to do anything you like with. If you want to cut off contact with every other human being on the planet and wallow in a hot tub for a day or two, so be it! If you want to lock yourself away and pretend there’s nobody else in the world but you, go right ahead! It’s the perfect balance of pure self-indulgence and awesome socialising, all brought together in one trip you’ll wish you’d taken years ago.

5 – You’ll Experience New Things

Last but not least, if you’re the type that’s into socialising and making new friends, chances are your first singles sports trip will become the adventure of a lifetime. In terms of why, it all comes down to the way in which each person you meet will no doubt introduce you to new things, new places, new ideas or at least new ways of doing things. As such, it’s inevitable that you’ll come out the other end with much broader horizons and a new perspective on life in general. It’s one thing to take a trip and revel in the relaxation of staying within your comfort zone, but at the same time there’s really nothing quite like experiencing new and amazing things for the first time.

And on this kind of trip, you get to do both!