Aniracetam supplements are one of the best nootropic substances. It is made from the parent molecule piracetam. Aniracetam is a compound of the racetam group. This is the best option to use in many neural diseases. It is a useful substance to enhance the behavior integration, cognitive property, and so on. It is known as a neuro-protective agent, which is used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. However Aniracetam exerts better effects on the cases of anxiety and depressive diseases.

The compound of Aniracetam:-

Aniracetam is a lipophilic derivative of piracetam which is a compound of racetam group. Aniracetal is highly soluble in fat. It possesses the pyrrolidone structure as the other compounds of Racetam group of compounds. Aniracetam is a cholinergic compound by nature because it helps to enhance the activity of acetylcholine during neurotransmission. It acts as a positive modulator of the metabotropic glutamate receptor. It shows the nature to act as the alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic AMPA excitatory receptors too. For these features of Aniracetam, the compound is being tested in the cases of depressive diseases and many central nervous system or CNS disorders. Though Aniracetam is a piracetam analogue, there are some special characteristics of this compound. This acts as a nootropic substance.

Aniracetam Effects and Benefits:-

Going through detailed clinical trials and studying chemical nature of Aniracetam thoroughly, the effects and the benefits Aniracetam supplements can be summarized. Let’s check–

• This supplement is able to enhance the cognitive functions in diseased people
• It acts as a positive modulator of the neurotransmission
• It is used to treat many CNS disorders like the Alzheimer’s disease
• It helps to control the depressive problems and acts as an anti-anxiety substance
• It increases the levels of the neurotropic factor derived from brain cells
• It helps to lower the impulsive behavior of the person

Use of Aniracetam:-

Aniracetam supplements may be taken either in capsule form or in powder form. Most of the people tend to the powder form. There is a reason behind it. This compound is highly fat soluble and the powder is easier to be consumed in body.
Few Side Effects of Aniracetam:-
It is good to know that this supplement does not show any unfavorable effect on use. There is no increase in the making of liver enzymes which is a result of the hepatic metabolism of Aniracetam. However it should be kept in mind that the human trials are limited and these trials do not establish the ultimate results. Hence the patient should take this nootropic substance following proper instructions of doctor.

What the Users Say?

The users of Aniracetam supplements reported feeling calmer, tranquil and usually feeling at harmony. Nerve-racking circumstances were easier to cope up with and process without becoming exaggeratedly exciting. Users also inform lesser anxiety and panic which are as usual a result of over thoughts, neurotic distressing, or panic stricken with previous discomfiture and disappointments. It is believed that Aniracetam carries out these things due to its ability to excite GABA-b receptors which makes the users to feel the lessening of reticence.

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