Can I Claim Against Asbestos Poisoning If I Haven’t Been Clinically Diagnosed?

Asbestos poisoning is a horrid illness that can happen to anybody that comes into contact with this noxious fibrous material. Most claims for asbestos poisoning have been made by people employed during the 60s and 70s when asbestos was one of the materials of choice for construction work on land and in shipyards. But claims have also been made over the last twenty years by people residing in buildings that have asbestos, especially where the presence of asbestos was not properly signed.

Can I Claim Against Asbestos Poisoning If I Haven't Been Clinically Diagnosed?

Making a Claim without Clinical Diagnosis

If you have symptoms of asbestos poisoning, you should contact your GP immediately, who should give you a medical check-up and refer you to a specialist. This is essential for your health and wellbeing, but it’s also an important stage of making a claim – medical diagnoses are strong evidence in the event of a claim.

If there is no record of you having asbestos poisoning and you suddenly claim you suffer from it, it’ll be easy for the claim to be contested by the other party due to lack of evidence.

The fact is, you can’t make a claim without having been clinically diagnosed. To do so would be a waste of your time, and a reputable solicitor would not take on your case without such evidence. When it comes to proving your asbestos poisoning, a law firm like accident advice helpline would seek to attain the following medical evidence:

Evidence through a Medical Examination

Your solicitor will arrange a medical examination for you, to ascertain the presence of asbestos poisoning, the extent of asbestos poising and a prognosis for the future. This will be put forward to the other party and will form the basis of your claim value.

Evidence through Medical Records

If you came into contact with asbestos some years ago, you might have been ill in the past without knowing that asbestos poisoning was the reason. Chest infections and other potential illnesses over the years will be looked at to prove long-term asbestos poisoning.

Evidence from Past Cases

It could be that people you used to work with, either colleagues or other company employees, have suffered asbestos poisoning too. If their cases are similar, your solicitor may link these cases together to build a strong case on your behalf.

So long as medical evidence can be attained that proves that you are suffering from asbestos poisoning and evidence can be attained that proves the other party is at fault, you should have a strong case for financial compensation. To find out more, call AAH’s 24/7 Helpline on 0800 689 0500 or from your mobile on 0333 500 0993 today.

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