Modern Baby Gift Blankets For First Birthday and New Born Also

A baby is a bundle of joy and brings with it a horde of joy for its family and relatives. The mere sight of a baby, laughing or even crying, has a deep impact on the people around him. With the captivating honesty of his actions, a child can keep the attention of many people all at once, to himself. You would obviously like to shower your blessings and love on the child along with some pleasant gifts for him.

If you are considering making a gift to a child who is born recently then you can consider a nice blanket for the child for gifting and blankets are extremely useful and important when it comes to taking care of the baby. In order to protect the child from unnecessary cold, a blanket can prove to be more useful than a mound full of warm clothes.

You can gift the child a soft and good quality blanket that will be comfortable on his skin and warm enough to keep him in normal temperature. Depending on whether it is a boy or a girl, you can go for colour specific blankets. A blue blanket for a boy and a pink blanket for a girl is an ideal choice of colour for new born babies. Ensure that the blanket that you are purchasing for the child has a soft texture and is in no way harmful for his tender skin.

You can also go for printed personalized baby blankets if you wish to remain neutral on the colours based on gender of the child. There are ample varieties of blankets in the markets now a days with various prints for new born babies. These prints can range from floral, geometric, cartoons, alphabets and many more. If you want to go a step ahead in making your gift more personalised then you can get customised blankets made for the child. The customisation can involve inscription of the child’s name, date of birth, picture of himself as a combination of all or any one.

Blankets are a suitable birthday present for one year olds as well and can be included in luxury personalized baby gift baskets also. Growing up by a year does not reduce the need for a blanket for the child. Only, the type of blanket that you may consider gifting to a one year old may be slightly different from that of a new born. Instead of going specific on colours, you can perhaps make a selection of a blanket which has their favourite cartoon characters printed on it, as children tend to have a keen liking for cartoons by the age of one.

The size of the blanket also needs to be appropriate for a one year old to be worn comfortably. You can also experiment with various colours of the blankets. Customised blankets will still remain an ideal gifting option as they always add a touch of personal love and care. So you can try personal message inscription on the blanket as well. Blankets prove to be an item of utility as a gift in every case.

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