Lip Lift – A Brief Guide Explaining Everything About The Procedure

Apart from the other features of your face, lips have unique way of contributing to enhance the beauty of your face. Big lips or youthful looking mouth were once considered as the reason that can make you look more sensual, but not anymore. With the help of lip lift method (a type of alternative procedure for the commonly used cosmetic surgeries such as lip implants and lip augmentation), women can enjoy flaunting their healthy and sensuous looking lips.

Lip Lift - A Brief Guide Explaining Everything About The Procedure

Lip Lift

In lip lift procedure, the space between your upper lip and bottom end of your nose is reduced. This procedure also aims at providing the lips with the lighter shades of pink color. By doing so, women can avoid getting wrinkles even after turning 30 or 40.

Types of Lip Lift Procedure

Lip lift in Beverly Hills is available at an affordable cost. There are different kinds of lip lift procedures given below.

Corner Lip Lift

As the skin starts aging, the layers on the lips begin to turn saggy. The more puling of the skin layer ends up with making your lip turn downwards and hence, into a sad gesture. This damages the elegance of your face. In the corner lip lift procedure, the saggy tissue layers are removed from the inside, by making an incision right at the end of the upper lip.

With the removal of a triangular skin area, the saddened lip layer will be turned into a joyous and youthful one. Oral commissure grooves, also known as drool grooves located at the corner of each lip layer will be altered by removing a part (a triangular area). However, the procedure works well when the problem is in the initial stages and hence, the sagginess of the lips cannot be removed if the inner tissue layer is damaged severely.

Italian Lip Lift

Under each nostril an incision will be made, while applying the Italian lip lift procedure. It is suggested only to those women who require subtle lip lift beneath each nostril. The skin layer will be removed to reshape the lips, but only in a required amount. Sometime Italian lip lift is the first procedure that the cosmetic surgeons use on the people with damaged skin layer on the lips.

Bullhorn Lip Lift (Subnasal Lip Lift)

Bullhorn lip lift procedure got its name from the sketch that the cosmetic experts make, before starting with incision. The only targeted areas here will be the upper lip layer and the skin linings that are found below the nostrils. More gaps are provided between the layers so as to make the smile of their patients look broader and elegant.

This process is the most suggested one for people with thin lips or just the thinner upper lip. During the procedure, the surgeons also work on different angles that can make the lips contribute equally in enhancing the beauty.


Lip lift procedure will take maximum of 55 to 60 minutes. You can go home right after undergoing through the surgery. However, experts suggest following post-op sessions and medications without fail. You might experience discomfort in the area for the first few days. The pain starts residing after the physicians remove the sutures.

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