Ways To Make Your Home Page Stand Out

Creating a website that pleases easily is not very difficult. While most people focus on the entire website, which is not entirely the wrong move, they do not pay enough attention on the home page. This is where they are wrong. An effective home page is your job half done. It your home page that makes people decide whether they want to stay on your website and avail your services or not. So how do you make an impressive home page? Here are some guidelines.


Keep it simple stupid! This is an oft-heard of saying, especially in the field of technology. The simpler your web design is, the greater its appeal and readability. Let us take for instance the Google page. In addition to the search bar, the logo and a few other options to help tweak the search, there isn’t much on the page. It does the purpose without distracting the user. What fancy home pages do is distract the person from the real message that is being displayed.

The Best Tagline Wins

 A tagline is an imperative part of the home page. It describes your brand and how serious you are about it.

Organized Content Blocks

Always ensure that there are blocks organized and then add graphics and content so that everything makes sense and is organized. Adding blocks will also create harmony on the page without a hotchpotch of information that confuses the viewer. Moreover, make sure that there aren’t too many images or too much content. A good mix of both should be ideal.

Use Links Where Necessary

It is understandable that the home page must only be used for the most important messages and those also need to be touched upon only, there are links you can add that would lead to the details of the matter. However, too many links can look ugly and you want to avoid that. So only add them where you think it will help with conversion.

Work On The Navigation

It is essential that the web page is easy to navigate. This is one of the most tricky parts that most web designers are not adept at and do a bad job. A website that cannot be surfed conveniently is not user-friendly and likely to dissuade users.

A Search Box

This is again an essential bar on the home page. This makes searching for everything easier for the user. You may just be offering one services or many products, it might be the price or the company details the user is looking for, a search bar provides with an easy solution to all of this.

Use Graphics

As much as good copy is stressed upon, graphics also play a pivotal role in convincing the user to know more about your brand or utilize it. Moreover, context is also important. Do not put up graphics just because you like the outcome. It has to do with your brand and your product or services. Otherwise, the user will not be able to relate to it.

With the above tips, you are surely on the right track to making an exceptional home page.

Scott Heron is an expert web designer and leads a fairly simple life. He also likes to lead a green life. To take a look at his work, go here.

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