How To Hunt Jobs With The Help Of Social Media?

Social media has transformed the entire ambit of job hunting process in today’s world. The major social networking players such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google+ gives the employer the view to your profile assisting them to know and analyze you beyond the boundaries of your cover letter, CV or interview. They also offer the job hunters the opportunity to know the company better through their social media presence. It gives a wider view of the company as the candidates get to know the work culture, people working there- the current and the ex-employees, get instant job alerts from the respective organization. It helps them to enhance their networking skills and get hitched with the nuances of a company even before the recruitment process is initiated. This is one of the many reasons why the majority of the population seeking employment is active on social networking sites regularly while the employers rely on this site for seeking information of the candidate’s during the recruitment process.

Today, even the half of the social media users is unaware of how can social media be used as an effective platform to create employment opportunities. Students and professionals use it to create their social presence however; these sites can be very well utilized for job hunting, connecting to the right network of people, seeking career advice and researching about their own career paths. Studies have shown that a handful of the students and professionals know how to market themselves online to the specific recruiters. This implies that the rest are missing out on the chance to use social media in the right manner from the perspective of job search.

Therefore, we bring you seven different ways by which you can use social media to land in your desired role:

  1. Maintain your credibility through relevant profile creation

Create exceptionally, dexterous profiles that will provide exhaustive information about your work experience, responsibilities, and your specializations to help the recruiter know more about you. Whether you are looking for employment opportunities in engineering management or you are just a fresher taking the first step into the corporate world, this comprehensive information will help you to land in the career of your choice. LinkedIn in this scenario is the apt platform that will help you to showcase all your employment related credentials. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can also include this information. Your profile should distinctly highlight your strengths along with your accomplishments.

  1. Nurture your networking skills

Connect with other professionals working in the same sector and industry, with the help of these social media platforms. Scan the directories in LinkedIn to find and join the groups having same career goals and working in the same industry. Be a part of these enthusiastic groups to discuss your career goals and preferences. Become popular through your content and carve your career niche growing strong networking skills.

  1. Be active and engaged

Follow the organizations you are planning to join in Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Almost all the organizations are now active on the popular social media sites. You will be able to keep a track of their business processes, organizational transformations, products, services, events and many more. “Like” their posts, “Share” their work and join the conversation to showcase your talent and give the due recognition to the prospective employer.

  1. Make yourself popular as a Resource

Keep building your social capital through continuous interactions. Introduce yourself, comment on numerous links and posts, create posts, and provide feedback to create a strong presence online. This gives you the cognition as a social media enthusiast and gives credibility to your opinion which helps the employer to get into the process of your thinking.

  1. Do not show your desperation for a job

It is advisable to keep your anxiety in check and not to be upfront when it comes to seeking a job. You should focus on networking and place your position tactfully along with your skills in front of the recruiters. You should showcase them your grey cells through updating status and providing content that makes an interesting read.

  1. Use it as your job search engine

Most people even today rely on the popular job portals as the only place to search for good employment opportunities. Go offbeat instead and look for vacancies on the organization’s Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and in LinkedIn.

  1. Have a set plan

Draft your path and make a sketch in your mind as how you are going to use these social networking sites to get an inch closer to your dream job. Plan on how you want others to see your profile, plan how frequently you are going to be active on these sites. You do not have to involve in myriad activities to get noticed. So be organized and follow a schedule to cut on the wasted time.

A well- thought plan will help you to have a fruitful online presence. Using social media, networking and blogging you can exhibit your knowledge and skills to develop your personal brand. Show your passion, and develop relationships that will help you to be a known face among the key employers. Carve a sturdy professional relationship through a robust online presence.

Author’s Bio: Agniva Banerjee is a writer by profession. She likes curating informative articles and blogs on diverse areas that provides a good read. She loves engaging the readers through her words and welcomes feedback of all sorts.