Dazzling Christmas Cards, Portraits and Backgrounds For Unlimited Fun and Joy

With the advent of vector graphics and 3D decoration cards the festival of Christmas can bring a great amount of cheer and happiness in our lives. Customized with our personal photographs, the cards can stand out from the rest and add more zing to them. Apart from the cards, the Christmas portraits also can capture the spirit of the festival and bring a smile on the face of those individuals who receives them.

Christmas portraits and cards with mesmerizing 3D effects can do wonders at this wonderful festival. These portraits are amazing pieces of artistry and are just perfect to commemorate a festival or to capture a memorable transitory moment that happens once in our life. When it comes to portraits with delectable graphical Christmas background the Ligne Claire portraits, delftware style portraits, photo collages stand in prominence. The Andy Warhol panels also look scintillating in case you want to put all your family portraits collectively in one work of art.

Speaking about Ligne Claire portraits created by the vector graphics, this style focuses on cartoon illustrations created with mixing diverse colors and animated film characters. Throughout the portrait, there is a uniformity of line and contrasts in color with highly pragmatic backdrops.

Delftware style portraits utilize aquamarine blue color with white background. The concept is innovative and is inspired from the pottery style in Delft situated in Holland. The sketches are highlighted not only to make the portraits look attractive but also to make them look excellent in any background.

Photo collages are portraits created with wide gamut of colors and styles ideal to drape or exhibit on the walls. They can also be used as home furnishings. They bring together different aspects of a Christmas holiday or illustrate various exotic places.

Pop up cards with beautiful Chritmas background have also become popular among the masses.  They use 3D (three-dimensional) graphics to make the festival of Christmas special. Moreover the pictures look crystal clear and high in quality.

Some of the beautiful Christmas card designs include The Snowflake Sparkle, the Berry Gift Pop Up Holiday Greeting Card etc.

The Snowflake Sparkle traits a charming bright blue setting sprayed with white snowflakes. When you will open the card it will pop up, exhibiting the delightful portrait at the front and inside.

In the Berry Gift Pop Up Holiday Greeting Card, a nature motif is used to create this graphic with attractive outlines on a blue setting. The exterior features are taken from the beautiful natural world like that of a beautiful bird feeding or someone strolling on the sea beach during the summer season, or a delectable sight of snow in a mountainous region.

You can also create your own story with words at the interior of the cards. This will reflect your joy and ecstasy. Some of the exterior designs of the cards bear a resemblance to a striped cover with postal stamp.

Make your Christmas a special one with the beautiful vector portraits and cards for decorating your residence and giving them as gifts to the near and dear ones, friends and relatives and bring a smile on their face with the canvas.

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