Practical Items For Parties

Organizing a party encompasses so many different items including invitations, decorations, candies, etc. In order to save your time, we researched a little bit to find the essentials you may need. Even though you would usually host a party with a specific theme in mind, you can easily find alternative party supplies as any store has customized items for the specific theme.


When it comes to invitations, you have several options. Pre-bought invitations found at store are a good solution if you are pressed for time.

On the other hand, there is a possibility of designing invitations in online invitation design tools such as Canva, PsPrint, Evite, PaperlessPost, Punchbowl and Yapp. Some of these websites have the option of printing invitations out, while some do not. If you do want to send e-invitations, some websites such as Punchbowl can let you import your contacts from your e-mail list for easier managing of your guest lists. Depending on a website, there is a RSVP code so that guests can respond online.

Finally, you can opt for creating your own invitations as a part of a DIY project. You can find various tutorials online to help you make them.


You can choose between background and hanging decorations, or you can simply have it all. Even though you will find party décor specific to a party theme, most of decorations are universal. Banners and buntings can be used for outdoor decoration, while chandeliers, decorative lanterns and lighting decorations such as LED candles and balloon lights are ideal for a night indoor party. Finally, deck your room with paper background, floral sheeting or backdrops.

Helium Balloon Gas Canister

A helium balloon gas canister is a practical solution for every party. It comes in a variety of size depending on your needs. Most gas canisters can be used for both latex and foil balloons, but make sure you ask a retailer which balloon type a gas canister can inflate. Depending on a retailer, there are helium balloon party kits including a gas canister, balloons and ribbons at a reasonable price.

Candy Buffet

There is no party without a candy buffet. Setting up a candy buffet will spice up any party atmosphere. First things first, choose colourful buckets, containers, jars, bowls and candy scoops. The next thing you have to do is to choose a catering service specialized in making candies for parties. A useful hint when it comes to parties: you cannot go wrong with a chocolate fountain. Dipping fruit and marshmallows is a guilty pleasure for most of the guests, we are sure of it.

Printed Stubby Coolers

Keeping a drink cold/or warm is especially important at parties. Printed stubby coolers are personalized cans suitable for any party theme. Coolers are usually made from 3 to 5mm thick neoprene or foam. On the other hand, there are collapsible and non-collapsible stubby coolers. As you can see, they come in a variety of size and shape and they can be customized for your specific needs, which makes them a must at party.


What’s a party without games? So, when you are planning a party, do not forget about games to liven up the atmosphere. A giant chess set is ideal for outdoor parties. You can also organize a bowling competition with a bowling set. Gather your friends and family for a bingo night with an authentic bingo set. Off course, prepare the prize in advance. A hen’s night scavenger night list is indispensable game for any hen party. Research a bit and you will find hundreds of games you and your guests can enjoy playing.

We have listed essential party supplies and a couple of examples where to find or how to make them. These are only recommendations. You can always make your own party supplies for a party to be remembered.

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