A Guide To Your Pallet Transport and Delivery Options

Whether you are shipping a few select larger items to a loved one overseas or will regularly be receiving product shipments to stock up your shop, it is important to establish a good relationship with a quality pallet delivery company. A reputable pallet delivery company will ensure that your goods arrive intact and on time while also offering a number of other valuable services. In this guide, we will provide you with the information you need in order to make the most informed decision about which pallet delivery company you should partner with.

Determining the Type of Services You Need

The pallet delivery company you are considering partnering with may offer one or more of the following services:

Full Load Services

If the volume of the goods you will be importing or exporting will take up an entire lorry, you will need to take a bit more time researching companies for shipment. Ask the transporter about how high you can stack your items, since many will only stack two items high for safety reasons.

Partial Load Services

If you are only moving a few pallets, partial load pallet delivery will likely fit the bill. This type of service is usually less expensive than full load services, because your goods will be occupying what would otherwise be empty space on a transporter’s part-empty journey. This makes moving your goods more cost-effective for them, and they then pass those savings along to the consumer.

Pallet Courier

Pallet courier services are ideal for those who will be transporting one or more pallets. This is a great option for smaller businesses with a smaller inventory, for shipping items during a move, or for shipping items to friends and loved ones across the country or overseas.

Dedicated Service

This type of service is more expensive than other options, because the transporter will be dedicated to transporting your items only. Your pallets will likely be in that one driver’s possession from the time the goods are picked up until the date they are delivered.

Distribution Network

The most economical solution for transporting pallets is through a distribution network. When businesses or individuals use this type of service, their goods are picked up and then transported to a distribution “hub.” At the hub, those goods will be prepared for transport, and when convenient, they will be moved further towards their destination.

Which Type of Service Is Best for Me?

Determining the type of service that is best for your needs will come down to cost and how soon you need your items. Through a distribution network, for example, you will be able to save significantly more than if you were to choose a full load service. However, you will also be left waiting much longer for your goods to arrive. A dedicated service sounds like the ideal choice, but it is more costly than your other options. This type of delivery is most suitable for same day or next day pallet deliveries.

Keep your options open and contact a reliable pallet delivery provider who offers most, if not all, of the above services. Their customer service agents will be able to help assess what your needs are and pair you up with the best shipping option for your goods and your budget.

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