Natural Alternatives For Treating Haemorrhoids

An estimated 75% of us will suffer from haemorrhoids at least once in our lifetime. But as uncomfortable or painful as the itching and swelling may be, fortunately, this condition does not require immediate medical intervention. In fact, there are a number of natural and safe alternatives for treating haemorrhoids, and you might already have some of these remedies in your very own bathroom or kitchen cabinet.

Unless your condition is making you absolutely miserable, you can likely treat and even completely eliminate the presence of your haemorrhoids at home. Below are your best natural solutions which, when used in combination with one another, will expedite the healing of your haemorrhoids and will begin to instantly eliminate your discomfort.

Natural Alternatives For Treating Haemorrhoids

Take a Natural Haemorrhoid Remedy

The majority of haemorrhoid sufferers will not need to take a prescription medication to treat their haemorrhoids. There are a number of natural haemorrhoid remedies available on the market in the form of a pill, and Hemocyl is the most popular product within the UK and the entire EU. Composed of all natural ingredients and with little to no side effects, 94% of users in clinical trials experienced a tremendous improvement in their symptoms or the complete disappearance of their piles within a matter of days.

  • Word of Caution: Before taking any natural remedy, particularly if you are already taking other natural remedies or prescription medications, speak with your doctor first to make sure that the product is appropriate for you.

Soothe Yourself with Apple Cider Vinegar

Information about the important health benefits and multiple uses of different types of vinegar continue to grow, with the treatment of piles being one of them. This remedy offers instant relief to your symptoms and can also be added to a sitz bath.

For quickest relief, take a cotton ball, cotton pad, or a ball of toilet paper and soak it in the apple cider vinegar. Apply the apple cider vinegar to the affected area until the inflammation has become subdued and your symptoms subside.

  • Don’t Have Apple Cider Vinegar? You can use other effective alternatives that you may have at home, such as witch hazel, aloe vera, and coconut oil.

Change the Way You Eliminate

A variety of products has hit the market as of late that are designed to help change the way we sit on the toilet when eliminating. These products may be particularly useful for individuals who regularly suffer from haemorrhoids. One of the primary reasons why we develop piles is because we are straining too much when using the toilet or are constipated. By squatting instead of sitting, you are putting less of a strain on your rectum while also straightening it, which makes eliminating significantly easier on your body.

But you do not need to run out and purchase one of these “squat” encouraging products. If your bathtub is nearby, you may be able to prop your feet up on the ledge to put yourself into a squat. Stacks of books can also work, as can footstools. Experiment with different methods and see what helps you best.

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