2 Of The Most Affordable Yet High Performance Quadcopters In The Market

Powerful Drones at Lesser Price

UAV drones have grown out to be exceedingly popular this year. Majority of the best and high performance drones are usually priced quite high and it takes thousands of dollars to get a powerful quadcopter. High priced drones have sophisticated functions and features but such expensive gadgets cannot be used as toys. That is why most of the people look for less expensive yet fun drones to keep themselves and the kids amused. But what are the options for a best drone under 100? Read the following to find out.

Affordable RC Drones

Parents always prefer less expensive RC drones to let their children play without any fear to cause damage to the gadget and losing a great deal of money. Many companies are now manufacturing best quadcopters at affordable rates to facilitate entry level pilots and beginners to practice flying drones without breaking its parts. When purchasing such drone, one should keep some important things in mind. All affordable drones come with moderate battery lives and you cannot expect such a gadget to fly half an hour or more. Also there are many sizes available in the market some are micro and some are full sized UAVs and most of the less expensive drones come in micro size.

The Hubsan X4 H107C

The Hubsan X4 H107C is packed with the latest technology six axis flight control system allowing the user to flip in desired ways. It can be used for various stunts with the help of its unique flying modes. This quadcopter boasts a powerful motor and a beginner mode to fly conveniently. It also packs an SD camera app that is able to capture photos at 720 into 480 resolution. The drone can fly for about seven minutes and can be controlled at one hundred meters. This quadcopter can fly in the dark and its fun modes are an attraction for the beginners. All this is available at a price of just fifty dollars.

The Traxxas LaTrax Alias Quad Rotor

This pretty drone comes packed with 4 rotors and a six axis system coupled with auto-level feature. These characteristics make it super easy to fly even for the newbies. Alias boasts a neat and simple design and delivers speed, high performance, and durability at an extremely affordable rate. Aerobatic operations can be performed by entry level pilots all thanks to its superior flight control system. This drone can be flown for around ten minutes with full battery. This super little drone can be bought in less than 100 dollars making it the most preferred choice among kids and new pilots.

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