Pros and Cons Of An Electric Bike

If you want an environmentally friendly transportation that’s also cost efficient and could be a lot of fun, then an electric bike is really worth to consider. Even though it sounds quite intriguing, you shouldn’t jump to a conclusion too quick. In order to be fair you need to see the upsides and downsides of an electric bicycle.

Pros of Electric Bike

Cost Efficient – This is probably the greatest benefit of using a motorized bicycle. It runs on electricity and it only costs you less than a penny to charge the battery. It’s very handy if you often have to travel short distance to get a grocery or pick up your laundry. Short distance travels could cost you a lot of money on fuel when combined together. Electric bicycles also very affordable, there are lots of electric bikes for sale nowadays especially when you look online. If you search for electric bicycles online, it’s actually a lot easier for you to find the best electric bike because it would be easy to compare the features and prices.

Less Stress – Hybrid bikes offer less stress compared to a car. If you live and work in a busy city it could be quite stressful to drive your car just a few blocks away from your house. You might be stuck in a traffic jam or going around for hours just to get a parking spot. With a motor bicycle you don’t need all that stress. You can easily go through the traffic and simply park the bike on the sidewalk.

More Exercise – Hybrid bicycles make your exercise more fun, because you can go to more interesting places that are probably too far or too challenging if you ride a regular bicycle. With an electronic bike, you can simply turn the motor on anytime you get too tired.

Easy to Operate – Using a motorized bicycle is very easy, you just need to remember to recharge the battery before using it. Then just ride it using a pedal or turn on the motor with a simple switch to rest your feet.

No Carbon Emissions – We have done enough damage to the environment, so it’s about time that we contribute to the mother earth by using an environmentally friendly transportation.

Cons of Electric Bike

Limited Range and Speed – Because it runs on electricity through a rechargeable battery, you can only reach certain distance with this bike. Most electric bike can only reach a maximum of 30 miles with a full charged battery. You can’t go further because charging stations for an electric bike is still limited. It’s also cannot reach a high speed, most electric bikes can only reach up to 15-20 mph.

Less Protection – Unlike driving a car, you will be exposed when you’re riding an electric bike, so during a harsh weather condition it might be a challenge to ride it. You also need to be careful when riding the bike on the road where there are other vehicles passing by, because even though you’re wearing a helmet you could still get injured pretty bad if you got in an accident.

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