5 Ways To Market Your Franchise Through Others

Do you know the secret why a lazy person gets successful? They get their marketing done through others! In fact, in most instances having your customers marketing your products and services for you will be more effective than your efforts. In this article, we try and look at different methods on how to get others to market your products for you and help drive in more sales for you.

Reviews Go a Long Way

Google reviews for your business and customer review sites like Yelp, Trivago, Urban Spoon etc goes a long way when people are looking to spend money on what you have to offer. Usually reviews are honest opinions a searcher can see whether or not a business is recommended by others.

You can request your customers directly or post a signage within your business space to review your service and their experience with you. To take an extra step as a reminder, send an email after a purchase with a link to your review page.

Customer Referral Program

Reward customers for sending more business your way. Online, you can give each customer a unique code to share. Whenever someone uses that code to purchase one of your products, you can either offer store credit to the customer who shared the code or other perks you deem right. This will work if the freebies are attractive and exciting.

Ask, Ask, Ask

Some business owners are too proud to ask for reference and this may affect the chance to drive in more business. However, let go of that pride and create a personal relationship with your customers and be comfortable enough to ask for more business and see if they know anyone who could benefit from your business or services. Being able to call someone and say, “your friend, so and so, said you could really benefit from our services” goes a long way than making a cold call to a potential customer.

Customer is King

You know what is the best way to get people to do your marketing for you? Keep them happy; treat the customers as king and they will be promoting you without you even knowing it. Treat every customer like they are your only customer and they will be only happy to refer you to their friends and contacts. Make sure you constantly review your customer service department and see how you can improve your resources.

Be Accessible

Whether it is responding and keeping your followers engaged on the social media to responding to your enquiries through a phone, being accessible is key to making your customers happy and getting them to promote how “cool” you are. You should ensure you have a solid social media team and customer service team to handle any and all enquiries coming at you.

Even though having a strong marketing plan is a requirement, make sure you get enough support from your customers as well through implementing the above strategies. For further information, we invite you to talk to our professionals at FranchiseExpo.