Wholesale Buying Of The Medicines Of Nature: Essential Oils

Essential oils can be considered to be the medicines from nature. There are numerous uses of essential oils in our daily life and also works wonders in recovery from an ailment. There are various channels available to buy these gifts of nature. If you are trying to figure out which one is the best for you, that is either the wholesale or retail channel then the following article can help you in making a choice.

Why are they Costly?

  • Apart from being lengthy, the process of manufacturing of essential oils is an expensive process. The cost of the process is high due to the extraction methods that have to be employed to obtain the oil. These oils are obtained from seeds, leaves, flower, stems and roots of plants and trees.
  • This means that the oil is never readily available for extraction. These components have to undergo a rigorous procedure of crushing, grinding, mixing and chopping. There are cases when even these techniques result only in giving out a small volume of the oil. It may require a thousand pounds of flower and leaves to obtain a merely ten mL of essential oil.  

Hence, the raw material or the components of the plant are required in large quantity, which results in increasing the cost. The further methods or techniques for extraction adds to the expenditure.

  • Another factor that influences the cost of essential oils is the quality of the oil. They are a lot of online shopping sites, like eBay and Amazon, that can offer you essential you these oils at low prices.
  • These indeed score low on the quality index. To remove such confusions regarding the quality of the oils, you can look for the certified therapeutic grade oil. One may find the quality of a natural product a debatable topic.
  • However, quality of the components of a plant or a tree is determined by the place in which they have been cultivated. In natural conditions, plants and trees obtain adequate nutrients that essential for the benefits that we wish to receive.
  • The pure and certified therapeutic grade oil contain the real essence of nature that cure the diseases and reduces the suffering.

Oils like the Tea tree oil have amazing powers to heal acne and skin blemishes. Although the direct application is prohibited due to the high concentration, it can be applied with the help of cotton on the affected area. Lemon oil and eucalyptus oil find their applications in the aromatherapy. These are known to help in decongestion of the nasal passage. These essential oils possess potent antioxidant properties that fight bacteria and fungus effectively. Lavender oil is known to influence mood and increases the alertness of the mind. Thus, any compromise in the quality of these oils due to price may not be a wise decision.

  • It is a no brainer that the wholesale route is every time and any time cheaper than the retail route. However, there are other reasons apart from prices that influence the decision of the customer.
  • One can identify the purpose of buying the essential oils before making the purchase, this will help in making the choice between wholesale or retail. At this point, it is clear that the quality of the oils is necessary for driving results. If you are looking to be a supplier of these oils, you may undoubtedly opt for the wholesale route.

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