6 Tried and Tested Ways For Clearing PMP Exam In First Attempt

The Project Management Professional certification is a renowned course which provides the necessary boost in one’s career. But the exam is not a cake walk. It needs practise and extreme hard work. Just because you have experienced the exam many does not promise you success. It is the technique that you acquire that matters alot. To clear the exam, following certain steps can assure you success. Following are the tips that you can follow –

  1. Update Calendar

Making and maintaining calendar is a necessary and crucial task. It is a stepping stone towards success. You will be able to calculate your total elapsed time and this will let you decide how much free time you have. With the help of a calendar you can divide your studies into an organised way studying, Firstly, start with reading and going through the books and material provided to you. Then write down the schedule of your classes or training that will be received by you. Once you feel you have reached a level where you can take tests, them schedule a day for that.

  1. Training

Self study is a good option for college or school studies, but professional exams can not be relied on self study. Professional exams require a training that is imparted by experts. Their is a particular way of studying and preparing for the exam which one cannot comprehend alone sitting at home. You can take the course as per your convenience. If you are working you can only on weekends while if you are at home you can the class three or four times on weekdays. Once you know  the date of your exam, take the training not very close or very far away from the exam day. Once the training is completed, you need around 3 to 4 weeks of getting well versed with the entire course. Revision and practise go hand in hand if one wants to be successful.

  1. Isolate Yourself

When you are nearing your exam date, concentration and focussed studies are very important. Uninterrupted studies are possible if you cut yourself from your social circle. Identify your enemies which create problems while you are studying. Phone, tv are some of the examples. You can isolate yourself from others by taking a room in the hotel or moving somewhere no one can disturb you.

  1. Take Practice Tests

Practise makes a man perfect is a cliched line which still stands true. Taking tests  will help you realize your problem areas and where you still need improvement. Always take exam with a time duration.

  1. Take Tests with Strategy

Make sure you use the time provided to you before the exam for writing formulas and revising some pointers that you are a bit unsure of. If you are unable to find an answer to a question in one attempt, then leave it. Wasting time and energy on one question will keep you tensed. You must skip the tricky question and move on to the other. Once you have time left, you can come again to that question. Have a tab on the time left. If you are slow , you will be able to create another strategy to combat. Next if you are running short of time, it is advisable to go back to all the questions that you left earlier. With these questions you have more chances of getting the answer right rather than attempting the new ones.

  1. Judgement Day

Be sure to read the PMP Credential Handbook. Research beforehand about the exam location and reach on the time mentioned to avoid any issue. Sleep nicely before the exam to avoid any hassles. Stay positive while taking the exam.