4 Ways To Reduce Your Back Pain

Most of the people suffer from back pain, and there is no certain cure to get relief from the pain. The only way to help yourself is to find what treatment suits you the best, and it depends on the current state of your pain. There may be lots of methods to cure the pain, but it is not definite that it may help you. A lot of trials are done that may even not work out. The traditional methods can only work out if you focus on the anatomy of your back pain, but to treat your back you may have to need more than just medical treatments and the products. Some of the ways to relieve yourself are:

4 Ways To Reduce Your Back Pain

  • Release Endorphins: Endorphins are the most powerful hormones that are made in the body itself. They can beat any medical treatment if released in the right quantity. When they are released, a signal is sent that blocks the pain signals from being delivered to the brain. Endorphins not only helps in relieving yourself from pain but at the same time reduces the depression and the stress that are one of the main reasons for making your pain worse and chronic. If you want to help yourself without taking medicinal treatment but yet relieve pain, you should exercise regularly, meditate and go for a massage session. This helps in releasing good amount of endorphin and relieve you from pain.
  • Get proper sleep: Pain is the main cause of insomnia. Due to the pain you may not get proper sleep. According to the experts, 50% of the people suffer insomnia when they face chronic pain. On the other note, if you don’t get the proper sleep your pain may worsen. So if we take it, both the things contradict each other. This irreversible cycle makes it impossible to cure pain. So, it’s not the pain that you have to cure; the sleeping disorders have to be resolved at the same time if you face such problems.
  • Exercise regularly: It is a myth, that if you are in pain you should not move or work. People say if your body is at rest it will heal the best. But that is not true. The reason for not doing it is the nerves and muscles of your back plays an important role to support your spine. Due to the normal day routine, where we are almost occupied with our work, these muscles do not get the amount of workout needed to let your spine function properly. So target your workout session and you will see a noticeable difference in your condition.
  • Hot and cold therapies: Never underestimate something that you feel may not work properly. Cold packs and heat massages can do wonders in your situation.  They help in reducing the back pain and at the same time accelerate the healing process.
  • Cold Therapy:

Getting an ice massage is the best way to get cold therapy. Cold therapy has a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Helps in reducing inflammation that may be caused due to pain and even contribute to pain.
  • It slows down the nerve impulses that helps them to grow pain by acting as an anaesthetic.
  • Heat therapy: 

Heat massage has two of the most important benefits.

  • It increases the blood flow and stimulates it and makes the nutrients reach the infected area, which is facing deficit of the minerals.
  • It stops the pain signals to reach the brain.

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