The Future Of Work Environment – Green & Healthy

Nowadays more and more people are turning to environmentally friendly lifestyle as the only common sense alternative to increasing pollution and health issues. But green living doesn’t mean buying organic food and recycling your batteries only. If you really opt to embrace this way of life, you have to go further. There are many different types of both small and big changes that can improve not only the health of our planet, but also our own. Many things are written (and said) about making green improvements in your home, but what about your workplace?

Reduce the Health Threatening Factors

When it comes to green workplace many people neglect the fact that we live in truly harmful environment. If you want to work in a healthy and Eco-friendly environment turning the lights off, when leaving the place is a good, yet a small step. Here is what you can do to improve your company’s office.

Replace the Carpets with Hard Flooring

This may seem strange, but is actually one of the greatest steps to greener office. Many Volatile Organic Compounds ( known as VOC) are used in carpet manufacturing. VOCs are toxic substances, that are proven as major indoor air polluter. The most common are trichoroethylene, toluene, formaldehyde and benzene. Long exposure to VOCs is proven to cause respiratory problems, allergies and other health issues.

Hard floor, on the other hand, especially if it comes from renewable source for instance – wood from sustainably grown forest doesn’t hide any health hazards. Moreover, hard floor is easier to maintain and doesn’t accumulate dirt and dust like carpets do which will save you money in the long term. Replacing carpeting with wood, tile or vinyl eliminates risks of mold growth, microbes and bacteria appearance literally under your feet.

Clean Your Office in Green Manner

Nowadays allergies, skin conditions, and asthma are scarily common problem. If you want to keep your and your employees health better look for Eco-friendly way of cleaning and maintaining your office, because common detergents are highly aggressive to these conditions.

Add Air Filter

You can make the air cleaner by simply putting house plants in your workplace. 50 years ago, NASA study proved that certain plants are amazingly effective in purifying air indoors. Spider plant, Red-edged dracaena and Peace Lily are just few of the long list of species that clean the air from big amounts of VOCs and other polluters.

Always Prefer Green Cleaners and Procedures

Remove all common cleaning products from office supplies shopping list. Eco-safe products may be slightly more pricey, but will minimise allergies and asthma risks in your work environment. Another thing you might consider is finding a certified carpet cleaning company that use green safe detergents and methods only. Every now and then you have to search for professional care for your workplace and all your efforts to keep it Eco-conscious and healthy will be pointless if the company that you hire uses toxic chemical in their treatment.

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