Save Online Live Educational Webinars With Movavi Screen Capture For Mac

Educational webinars online are a great way to hone up your knowledge on your subject. The virtual world brings in scores and scores of live educational webinars on any subject- be it science, maths or language- where you experts explaining the problem areas for a better clarification. It’s not always possible to reach up to these experts personally and hence educational webinars are a great learning resource for every student out there today. Do you too look forward to these educational webinars online? Well, that’s great and these webinars help a lot when you are in a distant learning course where you can’t meet your professors physically for a one on one discussion.

But what if you can’t manage your schedule according to the streaming time of a much awaited webinar online? These webinars don’t come with repeat telecast facility and hence you won’t find the same webinar online later. However, no need to freak out as today you have Movavi Screen Capture for Mac which is a leading screen recording software that will capture the live webinar for you and save it in your Mac device- so that you can check it anytime when you are free. The article here offers a short note on the Movavi software.

To start with, the Movavi software is one of the most recommended names when it comes to screen recording software programs these days. Movavi itself is an award winning software maker and hence you can always be assured of a premium product from the brand. The Screen Capture software allows the Movavi users to record a webinar or any live streaming online video according to his particular specifications- regarding frame rate and recording area. It is extremely easy to use and your primary computing skills would be handy enough to operate it.

Then, the Movavi program comes with an in-built timer. Just set the recording duration on the timer and it will automatically stop recording once it reaches the specified limit. You can even grab screenshots while the software is capturing the streaming online webinar video.

The Movavi software would not just record your video but would also trim the unwanted parts for you, if needed. You will be able to convert the recorded video in any popular video format and even into any major mobile-phone format. The software supports all the popular mobile phone presets so that you can easily watch the webinar right from your new smartphone.

Finally, the Movavi Screen Capture for Mac is equipped with the advanced SuperSpeed technology that enables it to save the videos in seconds. It’s just a breeze to work with the Movavi program. For more detail on Movavi, click