Buying The Right Pair Of Boots For Your Body Type

There are different types of heels for different body types. If you have smaller feet, then kitten heels will suit you best. Rat boots are especially designed for the longer feet. Those having slim legs could go for the stiletto heels. However, back heels are best for the curvier body. The slimmest girls must try the wedge heels with thin back heels.

Thinner women could buy the calf length or the knee high boots. The shorter women must avoid knee length shoes as they would make their height further short. Instead they can go for the ankle length shoes. If you have a curvier body, then do not go for the calf length shoes as that will make calves look wider.

All types of shoes are perfect for the taller ladies. You could either go for knee length or ankle length options. To know more about the pair of shoes, visit or various other online stores.

The ankle length shoes will work best with the dresses, skirts and pants. However, if you have a short height, then they will cut the leg off ankle. Hence, if possible, then include a 3-4 inches heel. While wearing them with dresses, make sure that you do not make the legs seem shorter. The skirts or dresses must end just above the knees.

Calf length boots

The calf length boots are suitable for ladies having the rectangular body. They will surely add volumes to the calves of taller and thinner ladies. This will give a really sexy body shape to the ladies. In order to get a more feminine look, buy the boots having high heels. Different types and colors of calved length shoes are available in the market. You could either explore the internet or visit your nearby store.

Women having a pear shaped body could try the knee length boots. They will make your legs look comparatively slimmer and longer. The knee high heeled boots will work best for a classic look. Try the high flat boots with the jeans tucked in for a cool and casual look.

You have to be really careful while buying the over the knee boots. It is especially designed for tall and thin women. They will provide you a sexy and edgy look. Shorter ladies must avoid purchasing them, because they will make them appear shorter.

Innovative ideas for a better look

Here are some valuable tips for the fashionable ladies. Women having the apply body shapes could go for the wide heels and wedges. This will provide great volume to the thin feet and hence, create a perfect balance. Ladies having a curvy body could go for the stacked heels. Such shoes will surely compliment their curves.

The women with shorter legs must avoid the shoes having horizontal straps or the buckles. These details might cut off the length. Those who want to make their legs look slimmer and thinner, try the pointed toe shoes. They will surely give you an illusion of that look. The kitten heels will work best for the smaller heels.

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