5 Major Benefits Of Being An Online Student

Having a college degree can open the doors to a bright and opportunity-filled future. Without a degree, many high paying jobs just won’t be available to you. However, applying for college can be a serious process. If you didn’t have a high grade point average in high school or if you received a low score on your SATs, many four-year colleges may be off limits. Moreover, going to a four year college can be expensive and it can take over your life. If you have children or a full time job, you may want to consider taking a virtual course load to acquire your degree. As an online student, you have the amazing benefit of being able to attend college from the comfort of your living room, an Internet cafe or even your car when you are on the go. Here are five major benefits of being an online student.

  1. Affordability: One of the biggest benefits of being an online student is that it is more affordable than a traditional college course program. Not only is tuition more affordable, but also there aren’t as many miscellaneous costs, like parking passes, meals and housing. All in all, you will spend significantly less money as an online student than you would as an in-class student.
  2. Convenience: Another big benefit of being an online student is that it is much more convenient. Not only do you not have to spend time in traffic, then have to look for parking and then weave through a crowd to make it to class in time – you also don’t need to worry about much of your day being devoted to in-class time. With an online course load, you can set your own schedule. This is perfect for working parents and other individuals that are just too busy to devote their time to a traditional college program.
  3. Speed: Indeed, taking an online course is much faster than an in-class program. With an online course, you could have your degree in as little as six months. Of course, that is with a fast track program, but the maximum time you will be in “school” is about two years and that is for much a more extensive degree program. Usually, the average is about one year; compared to four years for a traditional in-person degree.
  4. Options: When you take an in-class program at a four-year college, you are usually relegated to only a few different options for class topics and times. However, an online program will have much more options. For instance, you can decide between Wake Forest’s masters in counseling or an MBA program – it can even get more specific than that.
  5. Comfort: On top of everything, becoming an online student will allow you the opportunity to study in comfort. Not only does this mean you can attend class in sweatpants or pajamas, but also you won’t feel some of the similar pressure and stress that is commonly associated with attending an in-class program. In the end, becoming an online student will offer one of the most comfortable learning environments you can imagine.