Concerning Physiotherapy And Who Needs It?

Physiotherapy involves physically treating a patient’s body with movement, exercise, and other specialised techniques to aid problems with movement, function and quality of life as a result of weakness or disease. Physiotherapy is an excellent technique that helps people to feel better and recover quicker from any accidents or illnesses that debilitated their life for various durations of time. If you are wondering if you may be someone who could get help from physiotherapist, read on, this article covers the various kinds of people that can be aided.

  1. Accident Survivors

If you were faced with an accident that debilitated your normal living and involved stay in the hospital or bed rest or home bound sedentary lifestyle for prolonged durations of time, chances are that when you get better slowly, you will find that your body joints and functioning is no longer as easy as it used to be. There can be stiffness in your bones and a general heaviness and weakness that can prevent you from resuming your daily activities or at least delay your recovery. In such situations, you may want to find a physiotherapist in Hockley that can help you with problems of that nature.

Concerning Physiotherapy And Who Needs It?

    2. Bed-ridden patients

People who have severe illnesses and are bed ridden either at home or in the hospital can benefit greatly from physiotherapy. This is because prolonged sedentary lifestyle is often very dangerous and can cause severe muscle loss and even bed sores that not only decrease your chances of getting better, this can properly eliminate it. Therefore, a physiotherapist can help you carry out simple day to day exercises, even if it involves moving your hands or legs repeatedly in slow succession for a few minutes a day. This will make sure that your body retains the amount of muscle that it needs to keep your metabolism going and save your life.

    3. Extreme Athletes

If you strain your body to extreme limits by sports such as running ultramarathons or other similarly taxing activities, chances are that a few days after you have done them, you experience rigidity in the muscles of your body and severe pain and spasms in your hands and legs. This kind of thing is often treated by trained physiotherapists as they know how to relax your muscles and ease blood circulation. Doing this prevents your muscles from swelling and becoming more painful. They also prevent the accumulation of fat in your body in response to the stress that can ultimately make it easier for you to resume your sports activities.

    4. Survivors of stroke or paralysed people

If you have paralysis or have otherwise survived neurogenic shock that has left parts of your body useless as there are no sensations in them, a physiotherapist is often the only person you can go to for help preventing the loss of a limb. A physiotherapist would make you do exercises that would slowly resume the sensations in your limbs and eventually help you to use them like they weren’t damaged at all.

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