What Are The Best Marathon Training Tips For A First Timer

A marathon can be extremely fun. There are dozens of these throughout the year in the UK alone and if you really get into them there are literally hundreds of marathons running throughout the year if you are willing to travel overseas.

Marathons can be fun but also take a toll on your mind and body

A marathon can be even more fun, however, if we train to perform well. The goal is to keep on improving, as we’ll be acquiring a healthy lifestyle while doing so as well. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best marathon training tips for a first-timer:

Keep a training log

Starting a training routine can be pretty tough as it requires a lot of disciples to stick to a training schedule, and to actually go through with every goal we set. As such, keeping a training schedule and log with all the results is crucial for improvement.

What Are The Best Marathon Training Tips For A First Timer

On the training log, it should be written down the time ran, the distance, how it felt, how hard it was and anything else that might matter. It’s all about the runner and how he feels.

Going slow is best

A lot of runners try to improve as fast as possible, probably because they want to be the best. The result is, more often than not, an injury that stops them from running the marathon altogether. There is an interesting article on Physio & More about recovering from a sports injury well worth a read.

The goal is to start off slow and to go slow. Gradually increasing the amount of time on a weekly basis by just a little bit, such as, for example, 5%. Obviously, the speed should stay the same while trying to improve.

Sign up for a gym

The goal of going to a gym is to increase the stability, stamina and endurance. Core strength is essential for a runner, as a marathon can last for hours, depending on its dimension.

Going to the gym for 2-3 times a week to work on the core strength can really make or break a runner’s performance in the later stages of a marathon, as the ability to hold the pace and carry the body forward is crucial at that point.

Work out a hydration strategy

During very long runs, staying hydrated can be a serious problem. A lot of marathons have places to get water before and after the race, in order to keep runners stable and healthy. For great performers, however, hydration needs to be strategized so it won’t slow them down.

What Are The Best Marathon Training Tips For A First Timer

First-timers should drink different amounts of water before training so they can test how well they feel with each different amount. The goal is to understand how much water he or she will need in the marathon in order to stay hydrated and focused.

Listen to the body

As said before in this article, first-timers want to improve as fast as they possibly can so they can do amazing performances at the marathons they go to. The thing is, they usually just get injured.

They should keep on advancing at a slow pace but, at the same time, they should listen to their body as much as possible. If a workout feels too hard, it is probably because the body simply can’t handle it. On top of that, running through pain is a great way to get injured.

The body knows when it is time to stop, and it gives us a wide variety of warning signs when that time comes. Runners need to listen.

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