How Does The Dental Bridges Performed by Dentists

Dental bridge is an affordable, low risk and time tested treatment for lost or missing teeth. It gets this name because it bridges the gap between the teeth. The typical bridge consists of one or more fake teeth known as pontics. These are placed by two abutments or dental crowns. There are different types of dental bridges used in patients to solve the dental issues. They are as follows.

How Does The Dental Bridges Performed by Dentists

  • The dentist crown one of the adjacent teeth in order to place cantilever type of bridge. The single crown can support the tooth restoration which comprises of two pontics.
  • Maryland bonded bridge type involves minimal changes in the surrounding teeth. The pontic will also have two tiny wings to get attached to the nearby teeth. The dentist has to microetch the supporting teeth for placing this dental bridge type.
  • Even though most of the bridges are fixed permanently in the mouth of patient some people may also get benefited from removal dental bridges. This is also known as partial denture.

Materials used in Making Bridges

Different materials are used in making the bridges. If you choose a professional dentist to get Dental Bridges in Colorado Springs, you can find effective materials used in making the dental bridges and crowns. At the initial free consultation, the dentist will explain these options to the patients and choose the material suiting the aesthetic goals and health needs of the patients.

  • Metal bridges are stronger and more durable than other dental bridge materials. Metals used in making the bridges are silver, gold and metal alloys. In most cases, metal bridges are recommended on the molars.
  • PFM have metal base for stability and strength. The metal base is coated in porcelain shell and it will be selected by the dentist to match the color of the patient’s teeth.
  • For highly lifelike look patients mostly choose porcelain restorations. This material is not stronger than metal.
  • Zirconia is the latest material used in making dental ceramic. Bridges made of this material are as tough as metal. This requires little changes in the tooth structure.

Outcome of the Dental Bridges

The results of this dental procedure vary slightly from one person to another. In most of the cases, patients notice the outcomes of their dental treatment right away after the dental bridge is placed. When you choose the Dental Bridges in Colorado Springs, you may get the results including improving the capability to eat normally, filling the gaps made by missing tooth in the smile of people, restoring bite balance and resolving speech difficulties. With proper care, these bridges are durable. Patients can enjoy these outcomes throughout their life. When the dental bridges are maintained properly they can last for about 10 or 15 years. Implant supported dental bridges can last longer. People who have had their dental bridges need to avoid opening packages and pulling off tags using their teeth. They have to avoid giving more stress on their teeth to protect the bridges as well as maintain the healthy dental system.

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