5 Ways To Deal With ADHD


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a behavioral disorder that disrupts the attention of an individual especially the school children but also affects adults. It is always characterized by the child’s restlessness and inability to settle and perform one particular task. This is a characteristic that is normal among small kids when they are anxious. The only distinguishing factor is that ADHD symptoms last longer. Most of the victims are often mistreated and termed as notorious. Below is how you can deal with it.

5 Ways To Deal With ADHD

1. Consider massage

Massage is one of the famous treatments for stress and pain since it is one of the perfect ways to promote relaxation. It also plays a major role in easing the ADHD effects on an individual. According to ‘Adolescence ’, a journal published in 2003, massage has been proven to work evident by a sample of students who received massage treatment twice a week for 20 minutes. Joint pain facts and limbex also portray massage as the better way to relieve joint pain.

2. Have adequate sleep

Sleep is the most recommended thing for a great memory and maximum concentration. Working overtime for a person suffering from ADHD and having less sleep time can only worsen your situation. Sleeping is one way of resting, therefore; when you don’t sleep enough, it means you are still tired. According to Ari Tuckman, a clinical psychologist, a tired mind is often very slow in recalling things and solving problems that require critical thinking. Lack of enough sleep can also bring you difficulty in determining if your medication is working. It is so unfortunate that the ADHD victims often experience an inability to sleep, but the good thing is that it can be treated. Therefore, when you realize that you are unable to sleep naturally seek immediate medical attention.

3. Accept and move on

This is common advice that is often given to those suffering from HIV/AIDs for them to have a healthy life. The same applies to ADHD; for you to be able to live comfortably with it, you must accept the situation as it is. Roberto Olivardia, a clinical psychologist at Harvard Medical School, mentioned that ADHD is not a killer disease; it is simply a brain disorder. Accepting it, therefore, enables you to take positive actions that will help you overcome the negativity of the disorder. It will also enable the health news products work effectively for you.

4. Try yoga treatment

Yoga is an exercise that involves smooth stretching with a lot of concentration and accompanied by meditation. The main aim of this exercise is to train the mind to keep focus. Attention is a major problem that is affecting ADHD patients hence yoga treatment is not such a bad idea. Identify a yoga specialist to assist you in the exercise for maximum effectiveness. According to studies conducted in 2003 yoga was found also to reduce anxiety in addition to attentiveness.

5. Have a talk with the victim

Sometimes we may not be the victims but have children, family or friends who are experiencing these problems. Since most of them are often condemned in the society worsening the situation, having a free general talk with them can assist. It makes them feel accepted and may sometimes make them speak to you about their experiences. This will give you room to give them advice on what they should do to overcome the challenge. Ensure your talk genuinely portrays love and care for them to win their trust.

6. Seek assistance

Most ADHD patients always have a difficulty in doing some specific things. Do not strain to do them on your own; you can hire a house keeper to help you do the task. In the case of a mathematics problem, your fellow students are there to help you understand and solve. Learn to always to call upon people surrounding you for help to avoid the chances of depression and low self-esteem.


ADHD is a disorder that most people are not aware of and is always associated with indiscipline and being notorious. Let’s all try to understand the victims and be of great support to them to avoid cases of stress related diseases. If you are a victim, try the above-elaborated methods to ease the effects of your condition. Above all lets all joint hands together in fighting the disorder to make our society a better place.

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